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Here, There and Everywhere

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of a dream and you can’t get you mind out of the dream space? That is me this morning. I got out of work early last night (yay! for team work) but we stayed up til our now usual time of 1am. I covered the girls up with blankets so that their eyes were covered too. Meanwhile I continued reading. I have pulled out a novel that I read many years ago but I remember nothing about, The Northbury Papers by Joanne Dobson. It is one of those academic cozy mysteries. (I have a soft spot for the academic world where you can do research and learn.) It is a well written novel.

As much as it sucked to have COVID I think the time off alleviated the swelling in my spine. My body aches like it has worked out, not like it is in pain. So I am hoping that I can maaaaybe start to exercise again. Working in the deli last night was a big deal for me physically. I didn’t have any of the usually problems that I had previously. We’ll see how today goes. I am going to spend some time in the kitchen as I need to make muffins with the freeze dried fruit for work. Some will have to be sampled here as well of course… 😁

Essie had me almost in tears last night. She got down off the couch after sleeping beside me for a while and her back legs would not work. She was all but dragging her back end. Things improved when she got going a bit but still. She thought she could jump on the bed (we have it on the floor) but she barely got her front paws on top. I know she is 11 years old but I am not ready to lose her. Moose’s one year anniversary is fast approaching. I can’t believe my baby boy has been gone a year already. But I cannot see me without my dogs.

It is starting to mist snow. The flakes are so fine it looks as though someone just blew a bunch of dust off of their hand. The wind seems to have died down. The other day snow devils were all over the place. In strong winds you expect a few but they were popping up everywhere you looked. I don’t have any new photos to share so I will save this and pull out my camera. I hope you have a fab day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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