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And Then There Was None

Well my friends, this morning is not the brightest for us. None of us wants to be up. We are all tremendously tired. Essie won’t eat again. She is snoring in front of the bedroom door. She did not come out with me this morning when I got up. I actually had to call her. Stella came right out when she heard me making breakfast.

I am exhausted. I spent all my energy yesterday. Day 5 of 7. So here I am on day 6 and facing a 10 hour day. There are things that need to be done around here but I just sit and stare outside with no motivation. It is simple things like warm water for the turtle’s bath, water my plants, grab cookie cutters for a friend at work. Simple and easy things. This morning is the complete opposite of yesterday.

I just covered Stella up (she is behind me curled up in a tight little ball) and she let out a big sigh. I’m pretty sure that if I opened up the bedroom door, we would all crawl back into bed. I did finish reading my mystery last night. But then I also read Art Matters by Neil Gaiman (illustrated beautifully by Chris Riddell). And I thumbed through Find Your Joy by Jennifer King Lindley. Writing this makes me thing that I need to get on Goodreads and update my reading list. I like the fact that I can just scan the cover with my phone and it will pull up the title. That makes it so much easier.

No photographs were taken yesterday since once I finished with my review (yay! I finally did it!) Chris was up and I had to hop into the shower and get ready for work. (I had a slight pause there. It dawned on me that the person I did the review for might want to know that I did the review so I sent a link.) I might try to get a few photos to add to this. I just have no energy.

I hope you have an amazing day! Thank you so much for reading and letting me know what you think! Stay safe!

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