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Sharing a Bit of Happiness

So many new blogs to read this morning! I love it! So much interesting reading from all over the world. I learn so much when I can take the time to read everyone’s blogs. I would’ve gotten this done earlier but the girls and I slept in. I picked my head up a few times and decided nope! And the girls needed no convincing.

As I was going through my news articles I came upon one about the “coffin homes” in Hong Kong. Many of them are only large enough for a person to sleep in (some cannot even stretch out). In that tiny space they must keep all their things. Bathrooms are shared as well as say kitchen space. There is little to no privacy.

Interestingly enough I began to wonder if that wasn’t what more of what was needed. We have so much of everything and complain that we don’t have anything. I know Mom is always complaining that she has too much stuff here, there and everywhere but she still gets things she doesn’t need. I am guilty of the same thing. Things may make my life more comfortable but I don’t necessarily need them. The article just got me thinking.

I lit my writing candle this morning before I even started my digital journey. It has helped because I feel the need to just write and create. The girls are asleep. Baby Essie got on the couch and just stared at me with her big honey colored Pitbull eyes for several minutes before I finally came over and loved on her. I tucked her in with a big body pillow and she is all but snoring. Stella is behind me trying to sleep but she wakes up to lick this and that every little bit. Then she has to circle around on the love seat before settling in with a big sigh. She is looking at me to see if I will keep writing or lean back and pet her. And I pet her. Lol. She has curled up into a tiny ball.

The snow stopped (finally) last night. We got probably 5 inches (12cm). Maybe more. Things did warm up enough to melt a little. Schools all over have closed for the day. The worst part was the bitterly cold wind. Most people ventured out just before dark and loaded up. Once darkness fell people were staying home. I think we had maybe 8 people after 7pm. We pretty much stood around and talked for the last two hours.

Wheeee! I just got a notification that I won a dragon tarot deck! It is a beautiful deck of cards! I just sent in my mailing address. I will post photos as soon as they arrive! Oh I am so pumped about this!!! I am going to end on this happy note. Once this is posted I will write my review of my leather satchel and get that posted. Thank you for reading and commenting! Stay safe!

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