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One Dream at a Time (Product Review)

I have long been a fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was the first adult movie I was allowed to see in the theatre. It was there that I fell in love with anything to do with archaeology. And this included the tools of the trade for Indiana Jones. When he was in teacher mode Professor Jones carried an old school leather satchel. Me being being me I always seem to have to have everything I might need in an emergency so that seemed the perfect way to carry it all around. Especially my writing gear. When I got into my 20s the search began in earnest. I found a few that I loved but I could not afford but I continued to hope.

It was a long time in coming but I finally found and own a leather satchel similar to the one he has in the movie! As it turns out this is from a leather craftsman that is very passionate. My husband got me the leather satchel (and a gorgeous leather bound journal) for our anniversary this year. I have used if faithfully since day one. It is sturdy and well made. I have hauled all my writing (and even some of my reading) materials all around.

On the outside of the satchel there are two ways to carry it. There is the handle on the top or if you pack it full like I do there is a large leather strap. On the front there are to roomy pockets that have buckles on the front for the buckle straps to lock when you close it. Behind those two pockets is another large and roomy pocket for things like journals and magazines.

The body of the satchel is divided into two large areas. The first… I hate to call it a pocket because it is so much bigger. The first area is the smaller of the two. But it has small pockets made for pens and such. It is maybe a third of the interior of the satchel. The other area is made big enough for a laptop. I keep several notebooks and folders pertaining to my novel in mine. It is extremely roomy. There is also a leather strip that you can use that velcros to the back of the front area. On the back of the bag is another large pocket that is zippered. I keep my leather journal in that so it doesn’t get banged around when I get stuff in and out.

I love the quality of my bag. It is a beautiful piece that has put up with the wear and tear of my every day life. I can cram and jam stuff in there and it still holds it all. The interior fabric is also very sturdy and not prone to rip with hard use. The only issue I had with mine was that I crammed too much into it for too long and one of my clasps for the large should strap finally broke. And don’t think it was because it was badly made. Truthfully it was because I had way too much stuff in the bag. That being said I emailed the owner and asked if I could get a replacement strap, fully expecting to pay for it. However, once I sent the photos of the bag and strap I was sent a replacement strap at no cost. This was sent from India where the bags are made.

I cannot say enough good about the satchel and the company! I found the bag initially on Amazon but I believe my husband went directly to their web site You can also find them if you search for Komalc. They have a ton of other products besides the magnificent satchel and journal that I own.

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