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“Ohhh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful”

It’s like Mother Nature was waiting for me to get up. The skies were cloudy yet clear. We hadn’t been up maybe five minutes when you could start to see little flakes. Then more. And more. Now it is falling thick enough that you can barely see across the yard. Yesterday’s rain and wind got rid of all the snow we had accumulated (again). If this keeps up I think we will be pretty dead at work. Which means it will be a slooooooow night.

Chris has the day off so the girls won’t be alone. I feel like I still need to catch up on my sleep. I made it til 10:30pm or so before I fell asleep. Chris got out at 10pm and I needed to stay up anyway because I am closing manager tonight. I need to look at who I have before I leave.

Oh my little blessings! Both girls have crammed themselves up on the couch behind me. I have covered them both up. We’ll see how long it lasts. Heaven forbid I be close to one and not the other. Essie has walked over, blanket and all, to sleep in front of the bedroom door. These two!

I have been losing myself at night in a mystery by Ngaio Marsh. It is nice to get lost in another time and place. It is also hard to come back to mine so I can get some sleep! I have always loved her books. Mom introduced me to her work many many years ago. I still have things I want to read but I am trying to keep at one book at a time to finish it before reading another. Another problem is that I will read instead of write. It will be easier to curl up with a book to read it instead of put in the work to write one of my own.

I have been pretty good about taking photos. The problem Irun into is uploading them onto my site as well as just going through the memory card and deleting photos I don’t want or like. I just take them and upload a few to here and that’s where it stops.

The snow is coming in from the East which usually means it will give us more snow than we want. That dead tree that I see every day on the way to work is still up and still leaning heavily on the powerlines. With the strength of the winds lately I have been surprised that it has not pulled the line down yet. It may have its chance today if the weather report is correct.

I need to wrap this up and see if I can get a few things accomplished before I have to be to work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

2 thoughts on ““Ohhh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful””

  1. Last week we got flurries. I Have been waiting for a major snow storm we may get our first snow fall at least in the southern part of the state next week. Northern part of the state got theirs last week.

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