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Animals and Me

It left but now it is back. All the snow got melted with the rain. Overnight we have gotten another dusting. It will be interesting to see how the Winter season unfolds. For me November starts the Winter, not December 21st when the Winter Solstice is. The nice things about the snow being gone (other than the obvious… that it is gone) is that the girls’ paws don’t get frozen while they wander in the mornings.

Speaking of mornings, I am not sure how long or short this will be tomorrow. It is time for my weekly 10 hour shift followed by no sleep to be at work the next morning at 6:15am. Yay. But atleast I get out at 2pm and have the rest of the day. I keep telling myself that. Unfortunately this week I believe that Chris is working. So I will see him for an hour or so before he leaves. Unless of course he leaves early. We shall see!

Blue Maui (I have started calling him Blue) is doing very well. He likes to come say hi when I get home. I checked on him when I got home yesterday. He was snoozing at the time but he woke up and unfurled his big beautiful tail and swam around his bowl a few times. I am thinking about putting a little something in there with him that he can interact with. I’m just not sure what. I have shells and a few smallish things from my big tank that might work. I think that will be something for me to do Saturday. I can look around for something to put in there with him.

Essie ate this morning and last night. But last night I had to cook her beef for her. Normally I will just chop it up and mix it in with the kibble. She would not eat it. So I pulled out a frying pan and cooked it in some broth and once it cooled she ate it right up. So I guess the new dinner game plan it that I cook up the beef before I feed it to the girls. Atleast she is eating again.

I tried to sit down and figure out my medical bills last night and just gave up in frustration. I have no idea who I have paid and who I haven’t, what I have paid for and what I haven’t. I have been trying to keep track of things so I don’t double pay but there is just so much! I am paying the same place for different things. When I called up the woman I talked to couldn’t even tell me what I had paid for so far! But I think I may call up again today and pay some of the smaller ones that have trickled in. Then they will be done. Unless they have since rolled them into one of the larger ones. 🙄

I should wrap this up if I am going to do that. I was able to read my quota of blogs this morning. I found a few new ones to follow as well. As always I am constantly impressed with the writing I find on here! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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