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Weird World

Well that is odd. I tried to read as many blogs as I could this morning but when I got to a certain point the screen literally went blank. So I scrolled back up to the top and tried again. Same spot everything went blank. It must be an odd glitch in the system.

Essie won’t eat again this morning. She is pacing the house as well. She did go out to the bathroom but she walked away from her food. Is it the canned food? She ate dinner last night. I just don’t know. Is it that I am going to work? Maybe. But I am worried about her none the less.

My trip to Meijers was a bit more successful than I planned. I came home with everything on my list and a few bonus items. I got a shirt with Stitch (from Disney’s “Lilo and Stitch”), a t-shirt with Scooby and Shaggy (this was from the boy’s department but I can still fit in the larger ones thankfully because they get such cool tees) and a hoodie (I don’t need another but I really liked the design on the front). I also came home with a new fish. I named him Blue Maui. He is a Japanese fighting fish. He is very smart and seems to really like me. I talked to him when we walked through the store and on the way home (there are some big corners that we went through and I was worried that it would freak him out sloshing away in my cup holder). I got him a cool bowl. I already had gravel to put in the bottom from my fish tank and the colors even match him. He is varying shades of blue. When I walk toward the bowl he will come and see me. He has eaten twice since he’s been home. I used some of our bottled water for the Keurig for his bowl since our well water is so hard. I plan to get more today at work.

Dad and I talked last night. Mostly about food since he did his online grocery shopping. He has an air fryer so I found several recipes for him to try. But we ended up talking til 11:30pm last night. So I didn’t get to bed until much later than I planned. I did get a lot done around the house. Three loads of laundry (I even got it all put away), two loads of dishes (by hand since the dishwasher has been down) and I even made banana bread. But I really am tired this morning. I debated about times to get up. But I got up earlier than I had my alarm for (which it would’ve gone off right about now).

WordPress is acting weird right now so I think I will add the photos and get this posted. (The grammar suggestions keep going on and off.) All that snow we had is all but gone. The temperatures have gone up enough to melt it and we have had steady rains. And the wind has been strong and steady the past few days. I am watching the trees bend and dance about. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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