Ahhhh…. I feel so relaxed! I have two days of nothing in front of me. I have things I hope to accomplish yes but nothing is set in stone. I got a few things last night to make sure that I didn’t need to go out at all on my days off. I still feel sick but since I don’t have to fake it at work (everyone knows I’m still not feeling good (the consensus is that I managed to get a cold) but I have to be upbeat and bubbly for everyone) I feel so much better mentally.

Essie… Essie, Essie, Essie. She didn’t eat breakfast this morning. She even got up on the loveseat behind me before Stella could so she could be beside me. (Stella was not happy and eventually wedged herself beside Essie which after a few minutes prompted Essie to get down.) Everytime I stop typing or making any kind of noise on the laptop she picks her head up and looks at me with hopeful eyes. Right now she is curled up in a little ball on the far side of the couch. She has made a nest with a bunch of pillows.

I cannot tell you how good this feels not to have to cram everything into a few hours so that I can in turn work long hours at work. I think I will be pushing 50 hours this week. The flip side is that with the overtime I can try to get a few Yule gifts. I am thinking about a tree this year but if we do that means moving the fish tank. And honestly since it is empty I might as well move it to the garage. I really miss having fish but our well water wasn’t very good for them and also left a crusty white residue on the glass that is impossible to get off without some kind of heavy duty cleaner. And using that will pretty much negate having fish because it is then impossible to get all the chemical residue off. Vinegar doesn’t work either. So there we are. I could just pull the tank off and keep the cabinet that it is on. It would have to be a tiny tree doing it that way though. Hmmmm…. something to think about. I want to get a potted tree so we can plant it in the Spring.

I want to make a long term list of things that I want to do. Not goals persay but things that need to get done. I need to go to my main page of my blog here and see how things look and maybe update it. Same thing with my photography site. I have a bunch of photos that I want to put up on there and I know that the site needs to be tweaked. I am also thinking about trying to put a link on my blog page for the photography site. I know that I can’t get those things done in one or even two days but if I do a little each day or on my days off I can chip away at it.

I don’t know if I will call my parents or not. It can be very long conversations with both of them (literally hours… Dad and I have talked for up to six hours and Mom and I aren’t far behind that). We shall see. I might even try to vacuum. That might not be a good idea but I can try. The machine is bagless so you dump out the canister contents into the trash when it fills. This invariably sets up a poof of dust and dander that will set off a coughing fit. These are on the ever flexible to do list.

I should get this posted. I don’t have any new photos. And honestly it all looks the same. White. So I will add a few old photos that I like and hopefully you will too. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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