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Wanted: Sleep and Relaxation

Just one more shift. I plan to cancel my doctor appointment for Wednesday. It was to renew a prescription for medicine I haven’t taken. Besides, I need to stay home and rest more than anything. I think I managed to get one of the colds that is going around work. It doesn’t help when a coworker will cough directly into her hands and then continues on with whatever she is doing. Atleast she doesn’t sneeze into her hands as well.

Today will be Chris’s first day back. I hope he does well. I think he should be ok. He has bounced back well from being sick. Today will also be the first day in several weeks that the girls will be alone. I think they should be ok but I will still worry. I will get out at 8pm tonight. If it is like last night we were dead by around 7pm. We had maybe three or four customers our last two hours. Once it started snowing (and raining) again yesterday people came out and did what they needed to and went home. As I haven’t seen anyone go by since we got up I think today will be more of the same.

I was almost run off the road by the plow truck last night on the way home. He was going down the middle of the road and expected me to pull off to let him continue down the middle of the road (he was driving toward me from the front). At the last minute he swerved back into his lane when he saw that I wasn’t pulling over. To make matters worse all the driver was doing was uncovering ice. Nor was he putting any salt or sand down.

I didn’t sleep much last night despite being tired. I feel like I didn’t sleep at all to be honest. I need to remember to get meat for the girls for the next two days. That way I don’t have to go anywhere. If I can get sleep tonight my goal is to get some work on my novel. I need to atleast go through and decide when to start cutting so I can start the new storyline. I might snag a few big paper clips from work instead of tearing the pages out of the notebook. Less mess that way.

I need to wrap this up so I can start to get ready for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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