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(Don’t) Let It Snow… Wait, Too Late

Today is a hibernate day. Since we got up the now has started falling again. As the minutes wear on it gets thicker and thicker. I guess it’s pretty if you like that kind of thing. But when you have to drive in it… I am just grateful that I work only a few minutes away. I wonder how busy we will be tonight.

I slept about 11 hours last night. I was in bed by dark and didn’t make it much past 9pm. Stella needed out a few minutes to 8am so I just stayed up. We’ll see how my voice is today. It was going out by the time I got home with all the talking. Word had gotten out that I was back so everyone was stopping by.

Not a whole lot of traffic this morning. I wondered how the church goers would react. I guess a lot of the churches run their services online so that makes it easier on days like today. I wonder if the plow trucks will be out. They never came out when we had that freeze and ice was all over. Last year they would’ve been out by now. That doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season.

We have a music battle going on at work. Normally Christmas music doesn’t start until December 1st rolls around. This year it started right after Thanksgiving. All of us (with the exception of the store manager who feels about Christmas like I do about Halloween… celebrate it all year) are over it. So when he walks out the door for the day the music gets changed. We’ll be able to that for a few more days atleast.

Hmmm, we are under a winter weather advisory. 2-6 inches (5-15cm) over the course of the day. We got several inches yesterday. Gonna be a thick Winter I think. I might actually have to get some boots to wear.

Chris seems to have bounced back rather well from being sick. Unfortunately I seem to either still be sick or have caught a cold. I am still coughing, I sound like I have a cold when I talk, my nose is still running and it is still difficult to breathe. We’ll see how the week goes I guess. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. I have a meeting one day and a doctor’s appointment the next. I think I am going to call off the doctor’s appointment since it is just for my prescriptions for my back. I have barely touched them while I have been off so I have plenty if I need them. And truthfully since I’m not feeling quite up to snuff I would like to use the time off and not do much. I have been wearing my masks while I am out and about so I can still do that for the meeting.

I took a few photos yesterday when I got home but I will take a few more to compare our snowfall. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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