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The Whimsy of Turkey Day

It is actually darker than when we got up over an hour ago! Geez… The wind has been steadily picking up too. Stella is behind me on the love seat covered by a blanket. My poor Essie is up and down on the couch, in and outside, with me and at the bedroom door on the blankets. It was actually her that got me up at 7 or 7:30 this morning needing to go out. Her tummy has gotten louder and louder. I wish I knew what was wrong. She didn’t have anything out of the ordinary and she is not one of those dogs that goes randomly eating things (that would be Stella).

Today is Thanksgiving and Chris asked me to get him up at 10am so that he can get things started on the smoker. I also need to get motivated as I will be making pumpkin pie from scratch. I have a small pumpkin, that is in perfect condition still, that someone left outside at work. It is the perfect size for a pie. Someone left it about mid October and I adopted it. I plan to save the seeds and use them for the garden.

It will be just the four of us again this year. And honestly that is ok with us. I am trying not to think if my work schedule the next three days. I was a bit concerned to not have anything deposited yesterday since that is normally when our direct deposit goes in. Apparently the new banking system puts it in late if there is a holiday that week? I’m not sure but when I asked the store manager what was up he said that things would be in our accounts on Friday. He also added that if I needed money before then to let him know, which I really appreciate.

Sleep was elusive last night. I got a few hours but I don’t know what time the curtain got closed in the door way because the bedroom was too dry. Even though the water was going on the stove once that curtain comes down it’s like shutting the door. I almost came out to sleep on the couch. I kept coughing and could not get rid of the tickle. It feels much better since we have been out here. I have also turned the burner up.

I have not photos to share so I guess before I can post this I need to take a few. It is so dark and blah…. On a high note I do believe I may have a slight twist to put in my novel. I think it will work very well. I just need to get it down on paper. Once I mull things over a bit…. But photos first. Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a fab day! Be safe!

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