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Blowing the Cobwebs Off and Out

I always get concerned if the light is off (as in doesn’t look right) when we get up in the morning. It had a sickly yellowy orange cast to it. There was a lot of blue sky but even that seemed off. Now the skies have darkened considerably with thick and angry looking clouds.

Well yesterday was extremely busy for us. We were out the door around 12:30pm so that we could get in line to be tested for COVID. We started at the hospital only to find out that the testing place was down the street. It wasn’t that far. It took a bit longer than expected. We waited in Angus so that wasn’t so bad. The nurses came out to the cars and got information and proceeded to give tests. As I was getting mine I noticed that the bag she was going to put mine in did not have my name on the vial. I pointed this out (the nurse was very nice and knew what she was doing, the wind kept blowing the stickers off her finger as she tried to put them on the bags and we were chatting). She gave me both my tests and then excused herself to make sure that my tests got into the correct vial. That is really when the wait began. I think it was another 15 minutes or so before she was back out to take care of Chris. (Both of our rapid tests came back negative. We are waiting for the antigen test results though.)

I do have to say that Angus and I enjoyed stretching our legs! I love how fun that car is to drive! And the roads around here are just perfect for letting my hair down! I’m pretty sure Chris had fun because when we got home he turned on the X-Box and started playing one of his racing games, lol.

Around 5pm or so my body told me in no uncertain terms that it was done for the day. We hadn’t done a lot but it was more than normal for us. After testing we came home for a few minutes (the water I had while we waited went through rather quickly) then loaded up the girls to pick up our groceries. When we got home I put stuff away and played a little with the girls. Both seemed to enjoy going for the ride.

As soon as dark hit I was ready for bed. Unfortunately I had to stay up until atleast 10pm for Friday’s shift. I am really not looking forward to going to work this weekend. I have a bad feeling about it all. Too much too soon. If yesterday is any indication of my stamina then I am not going to be doing too well. Especially not with an eleven hour day right out of the gate promptly followed by no sleep (I will get five hours max) and an early morning the next day. So we’ll see.

I did get some photos yesterday. The clouds had the ripples so that usually means that we have precipitation on the way. If we don’t get it today I will be surprised. I also got a few shots this morning of the sky. The colors don’t really come across but the oddness does. Atleast I can see it. Maybe because I am odd?

The morning is silent outside. No birds anywhere. Nor wind. So we will see how the day transpires. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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