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Ups and Downs… Here We Go Again

Dammit. I started my usual morning routine and was cooking along when my laptop screen went black. Nothing I do will change it either. Power button doesn’t work nor does control, alt, delete. It just sits there. Well it flashed like it was going to do something then nothing. Oh geez. I never noticed that it had no replaceable battery. So I guess pulling that won’t work. I will just let the battery run down I guess. It shouldn’t take long. The battery like gets shorter and shorter. Pretty soon I will be plugging it in and leaving it there to use it. So I will keep writing this on my phone.

Well that cranks my anxiety level up a few more notches. My other reasons are we are both going to get tested today to see if we can go back to work and if I do go back Friday my schedule is shit (pardon my language). I will working just short of 30 hours my three days back. Friday I am 11am to 9pm (but since I am closing manager read it as 10pm when I will get out). Saturday I am 7am to 2pm (but since I am opening manager read it as I come in at 6:15am). Sunday is a meager 1pm to 9pm (which again I am manager so 10pm will be when I get out). I think he is just trying to get me a decent paycheck but still…..😱

I keep fiddling with my laptop…. Hang on! Was it just doing an update?! Let me save this and find out.

Later… Ok, the laptop is running again. That’s all I can think of is that it was doing an update. Sooo atleast that is one less thing to worry about. I am not looking forward to the next few days. There is so much going on all of the sudden. Too much. So I will try to breathe through it. It will be really interesting if I get a positive test still. I guess try again later? I hope I am not expected to go every day to find someplace to find a rapid result test and take it. The local hospital does it only on specific days so that will mean driving all the way into Traverse City. My car does get good gas mileage but I am not driving all the way across Traverse every day to have something shoved up my nose.

As I stare across the room I am feeling a bit hunted. Suddenly it feels as though everyone wants something from me now. I see that the sun is out today. Atleast Mother Nature has taken some pity on me, lol. I had better wrap this up so I can get it posted. I did get a few photos yesterday so I just have to download them. Thank you for reading! Stay safe!

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