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Working With The Past

Another dark but extremely windy morning. When all was said and done after last night we have serious dusting that has stayed on the ground. It looks like some one was trying to eat powdered donuts and managed to get it all over everywhere. I am curious to see if we will get the predicted storm this week.

Speaking of wind… I did manager to talk to Dad last night. There was a lot of silence and a lot of watching the dogs be cute. Neither of us have been doing anything so there wasn’t much to talk about. And something I noticed that concerns me, if I speak for too long I find it hard to breathe. I was constantly having to pause to try to get my breath back if I spoke for too long. I worry about that with work because I am a chatty Cathy most days. That and trying to work at a decent pace. I’m not sure how well I am going to do when I go back.

I had unique dreams last night (well this morning before I woke up). I dreamt that I had sold two scripts and I was able to see the monster they had created for one of them. I was so excited and happy! I remember that they had done an amazing job with the monster. It looked just like I had described. But the euphoria of having my work sell and people like it… Yes I know that it is an ego thing. I know the “righteous path” is to write for the sake of writing. But I need to know that others are reading my words and can see… not just what I am writing but part of me. I love it when I get compliments on my writing. And I look back on pieces I have written and I am shocked that I actually wrote it. It comes across as that good after years of being forgotten about.

Right now my problem is that I am writing so much non fiction that I am losing my touch for fiction. (I am sitting here remembering my college days and high points with my writing. There was that day in class when we were supposed to write a story (I forget the specific parameters) and I wrote a story about one of my dogs from her perspective and that was read aloud to the class. Then there was the contest I entered one of my short stories in and though I did not win I got an honorable mention AND it was good enough that they published it anyway (they were only going to publish the winners). And my first serious publication in a big local paper happened then too.)

Holy cow! This huge crow just flew in front of the sliding glass door! I think he is in the maple trees. Hang on… Nuts. I was able to get my camera and tried to get a photo. But the battery needed to be charged! Gah! It would’ve been an awesome shot too! Oh well. I got some… unique shots last night as I played with some of the setting on the camera. The snow/ice was coming down pretty good so I tried various things. I’m not sure if they are unique or just “bad” shots. I kind of like them. Of course now I have to wait for the camera battery to charge before I can upload anything for this. I might be able to sneak a few uploads with the battery slightly charged. I will give it a few more minutes. I hear all kinds of different birds out there this morning. So word has gotten around, lol. I’ll wrap this up for now and hopefully get this posted with photos soon. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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