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Rain or Snow? Or Yes?

All is quiet this morning. Except the gurgles of Essie’s tummy. She let me sleep in but when she needed up she needed out. Poor baby girl. She can’t get up on the couch by herself anymore. I have to help her or she will fall on her back like a turtle. She gets very embarrassed. But she will, grudgingly, let me help her up if I ask.

It is another dark day here. No light change to speak of as the day goes on. Only light or darkness. I have finally put the birdfeeder up in the trees til Spring. It is out of the weather and it gives the birds a little shelter while they eat. So far I have seen the woodpecker I shared yesterday and a ton of little sparrows. No one else has come to eat. I put the feeder up Friday afternoon after filling it as putting the last of my suet squares in. The seed and suet have almost doubled in price with the new company. I will need to find another place to buy it. I hope the Dollar General carries it.

We are supposed to get a rain/snow mix over the course of the day. I hope we do. It will atleast be some kind of change. Everything looks as if it has been washed in a sepia color tank. I for one am over it.

I am trying something new. Last night I had the idea to keep a big pot of quietly boiling water on the stove. We don’t have the big 5 gallon brew pot in the house but I got one of the big pasta pots and filled it with water. I asked Chris to leave the blackout curtain at the bedroom door up until he came to bed (I think he either forgot or put it down to get something from the kitchen late because I woke up with a tickle around 2:30am and contemplated going out on the couch to sleep) to let some of the moisture get into the bedroom since it gets so dry at night. I turned it up when I got up though. It was at hot bath temperature and it needs to be at a slow boil. Otherwise it won’t do us any good. I might go out into the garage and get the big 5 gallon pot. I did notice a difference when the curtain was open though.

The girls’ food never arrived yesterday. I am very frustrated. On the Chewy app it said Tuesday then it was changed to Saturday. When I went to the FedEx tracking it said Saturday as well but it said that it was “early” because Sunday was the original date. I watched several FedEx trucks go by (probably the same truck but you get the idea) and I kept checking the app. “Saturday by end of day” it what it kept saying. So I tried not to worry. But I am because kibble is getting tight (well not as tight since Essie hasn’t eaten breakfast). So hopefully today sometime???

I did not talk to either parent on the phone. Mom and I chatted via text and I never got a response to the email I sent so I might try today. We’ll see. After a shower though. I think I am feeling better but then I try to do something “normal” and I am winded and/or feeling light headed. I know my mood is improving despite the weather. My anxiety is kicking in at odd points and my pinched nerve is creeping back in. My right leg has had a “gently” pinched nerve (it doesn’t actively hurt per say but it is very uncomfortable) for two days now. My back wasn’t happy yesterday either. I thought about trying some yoga stretches but then I got winded just walking to the kitchen.

I hear some new bird song at the feeder. I will go take some photos (hopefully get this posted sooner that yesterday’s hour after I finished) and see who is new. I hope you are all well! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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