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Where’d The Sun Go?

This morning is dark again. The light never changed yesterday until it disappeared completely. You could look outside at 9am and 2pm and it looked the same. I think we are in for more of that today. I got my test results back and I do have COVID. I let work know and we are shooting for next Friday me coming back. I am trying to figure out what to do for groceries and such. We have food but the girls are going to need kibble soon. I can’t taste or smell but I am trying to eat. Nothing holds any appeal. Then there are small necessities like toilet paper and such that we are running low on.

The girls are bored to tears. They want to play but neither Chris nor I have much energy. They are tired of sleeping all the time. I noticed that they did get the zoomies outside a few times so I am grateful for that. Everything is so blah. That is why I tend to hate this time of year. It’s too cold to be outside and it is dark all the time. I don’t think we have 12 hours of daylight anymore. I spent most of yesterday reading. I am almost done with Stephen King’s Everything’s Eventual.

I am still having trouble breathing. Especially if I try to talk out loud or get up and do something. I am going to have to suck it up and go outside at one point. The shed doors have blown open. I should get mail too. It looks like we are approaching dusk outside but it is barely 9am. Sigh…. I am trying to be positive today. I am tired of being cranky. I am stir crazy but I don’t want to interact with the world outside.

One of the things that has been bugging me about my novel is the weather and what things feel like. Right now they are in Italy. Are their seasons like ours? Do they have warmer winters? What blooms when? What kind of plants and trees do they have? And none of it will really matter in the end. But it matters now. And I can’t get my head past it. I don’t mind writing it and then having to cut it later because I can visualize it as I am writing it. And that is what I need. I think I may just chop the last section in my novel off. I need another way to do it. It needs to be more natural. I am throwing money at it and making things extravagant that don’t need to be.

Essie is restless. Whenever she hears the mouse click on here her head pops up hopefully. I don’t blame her. I should wrap this up and get it posted. I am going to try to get a few photos to add on. I don’t know what to photograph. Everything is so dark today. Stella is asleep behind me on the loveseat. Her nose is crammed in with her toes. I miss smelling puppy toes. But let me save this and try to get some photos. Thanks for staying with and reading! Stay safe!

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