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Not Much To Tell

Chris was able to get my laptop back online so I can type this with a not so cramped feeling. Yay! But I am sitting here just staring at the screen. There isn’t much to discuss/write about. We were both able to get tested at the same time yesterday. That was nice because I think Chris’s appointment was an hour after mine. So now we wait 2-5 days for the results. Everyone keeps pestering us to get the rapid results test but you have to be at a certain place at a certain time and even then it’s not guaranteed. Soonest would be 48 hours which is the minimum we are looking at. And honestly neither of us wants to be driving all over the place. I had Chris drive yesterday because I don’t feel fit enough to drive. By the time we got home yesterday he was starting to feel it pretty hard. So I am thinking we will just lay low for now.

I thought about calling to have someone do groceries but I think we are ok. And I can’t taste or smell so it really doesn’t matter to me. The girls have enough food for now. I may need to get kibble but I am thinking maybe Chewy and have it delivered. I am not up to driving to the store and having them put it in the back of the car.

I may need to see if I can use my sick time for this. I still have bills to pay. And the fact that I am sick doesn’t mean anything to them. So I think I may ask when I text the store manager this afternoon. I feel bad (especially since I just stepped up to taking care of cigarette ordering) but needs must. Worst they can say is that I don’t have the sick time to use.

I think the snow might be here to stay. The past few days when it snowed and the sun came out the snow melted. Today the sun is out and nothing is melting. It looks like I might need to fill the bird feeder. I don’t know how much energy I will have to do that but I will try. I usually feel pretty good when I wake up in the morning. But about 30 minutes into my day and it all goes downhill.

All I have been doing is reading lately. Sunday night I did watch some horror movies but I seem to be more interested in reading. I will devour a book a day. I am trying to play with the girls but with little to no energy it is difficult. But they have been braving it. There are times they just want to play no matter what but I try.

I have tried writing other than this and it is difficult to say the least. My mind won’t stay focused on the material. I may try again today. That reminds me I need to find the email of the manufacturer of my leather satchel so I can ask about a replacement strap for it. Speaking of not staying focused… I will wrap this up and try to get a few photos taken. I need to delete a few old photos for the new before I can upload them but I will try. Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. Keep ’em coming! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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