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Of all the annoying and frustrating things…. I am (once again) writing this post on my phone. The internet works fine but the stupid laptop won’t connect. And because I am sick every mole hill becomes a mountain. We can’t get in to get tested until this afternoon. I tried getting a hold of the various entities yesterday and no joy. I may try the hospital again to see if we can get in and get the rapid test. Supposedly we should’ve been able to do it yesterday but all I got was their answering machines. We were able to online and get scheduled for tests this afternoon but those will take 2-5 days to get the results back.

They also expect us in separate cars but as lightheaded as I feel most of the time I really wouldn’t want me on the road so they will get both of us in one vehicle. But I will try to call the hospital (again) since it is a work day and see if we can get in and do the rapid test.

Mom is mad at me (again) because I can’t get in sooner to get tested. She seems to think I have some magical ability to make it all work in my favor. She forgets that bullying me just makes me angry and I am less likely to answer my phone when she calls.

I will add a few photos I took before my energy flagged completely yesterday. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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