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Feeling Better About Things

Here I am in the wee hours again. I do feel better (after medicating to the gills the past 24 hours). Bananas seem to have helped too. My legs seem to want to function again. However all this reading has me wanting to crawl back into bed.

My main strap on my leather bag that Chris got me broke this morning. Now I need to get ahold of the guy that made it and hope I can buy a replacement strap. I still have his info as I sent him a thank you for the bag. He did respond so I know he will get the message. I guess I am packing too much stuff into the bag. Again.

I tried to get ahold of Dad yesterday but he neither answered my text nor my email. Mom is still not speaking but in one word responses to my text so I didn’t even try talking to her. When I went to work to get medicine and such I was surprised to see the Health Department going through our deli. I overheard the new deli manager responding not at all favorably to various questions…. I am not sure what I am walking into today. Mind you I am shift manager and gas so I won’t have much to do with the deli but I don’t know if they will shut things down or not. I have no idea how bad she flubbed everything.

I do know that three key workers back there are either leaving or in the process of leaving because of her. I don’t know if management understands this or not. I know the store manager does (he is a bit angry with the situation anyway as he was the deli manager to begin with before it was just given to the new gal) but I am not sure with the store owner. I hope he finds out. She has not really made any friends since she started with her attitude and the way she handles things.

The weather is cold with the possibility of snow today. Yesterday was cold rain for most of the day. I don’t know how busy or slow we will be today. Hopefully I will have next week’s schedule when I get in there today. I have no meetings this coming week so I can rest up a bit more. My anxieties are kicking in full force for some reason. It started last night as I was talking to Chris. No idea why but…

I should wrap this up and get ready for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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