Goals: Positive Through the Pain

Today’s goal is to keep a positive attitude. I did get out early yesterday (about 12:30pm instead of 2pm). This morning I feel like a mass of bruises. Like I was beaten up while I slept. I am up earlier than I intended because my legs started hurting. I did try to go to bed early (which seems to be so much easier when it is dark at 5:30pm around here) but the pain had me pacing the bedroom for several hours. So the lights went out and stayed out around 9-10pm.

I don’t like taking medicine, especially pills. But the pain is severe enough that I find myself taking more and more. I do not like that. That is not me. My mobility is limited by how much pain I want to feel. The body can still bend, twist and stretch but certain motions set off a pain wave that is almost unbearable. I called the doctor the other day but I have received no call back. I think I might try again. I hope she doesn’t want me to come in today (I know, don’t complain about it if you aren’t willing to go when you can). I don’t know if they would let me in anyway. I have a cold on top of it all. But honestly I need the day at home to do nothing. Work just exhausts me now. Between the drama and lack of staff I am just exhausted. I am tempted to ask what I have for sick days. But I don’t know if it would help. One of my coworkers is going to see her new grandson soon and that is going to reduce the number of managers for two weeks. Me asking for time off is just going to complicate things.

So… keeping a positive attitude. Both girls are asleep. Essie is on a pile of blankets on the couch. Stella is the opposite. She in under a pile of blankets on the love seat. I don’t know if I can sneak photos or not. The camera is on the other side of the room. I will try. They and Chris are what is keeping my head above water these days. I am extremely grateful for them. They are a constant source of love and encouragement.

It looks like today will be dark and dreary. We have had a steady rain/slush mix (it’s not really snow… it’s more like a melting slushie) since we got up. The girls won’t go out. I did get Essie out but she got her frisbee and came right in with ears back and squinting eyes so I just dried her off and told them we would wait til later.

Well Essie is up in my business trying to get me to put this away. I will wrap this up and get it posted. Sorry for the lack of finesse on the photos. I’ve not been much into finessing lately. Still, I hope you like them. Thanks for reading and thank you for all the well wishes. It means a lot. Stay safe!

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