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Misery Doesn’t Want Company

The wind is huge right now. My mind feels much the same way. My medicine is making feel like I have a hang over. I had to take extra at bed time and then another dose when Chris got home for the pain. I just want to stay home in bed. I hurt and I am officially sick. My throat hurts and I have no voice. When the night manager comes in at noon I am going to ask to go home. I paced the house for most of the day because of the pain in my legs. I called and left a message for my doctor as well. On the plus side I did get some sleep. Not a lot but some.

Essie is on the couch sleeping. She got up with me and stayed out here. Stella might be back out too. This might be short. The medication is making the white screen in front of me swim. Which in turn is making me sick to my stomach. I really hope I can get out of there early. I might ask one of the cashiers to do gas for me. I don’t know if I am up for it…

So prayers, well wishes and good thoughts welcome on my behalf. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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