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You Can Do Eeeet!

I am beyond grateful to have the day off. Last night was another night of unbearable pain. This time it was in my legs. It took an eternity for the medicine to kick in. I can still feel it but it is not as bad. I plan to call the doctor to ask what I need to do. I paced the house for several hours trying to ease the pain. I tried to lay in bed in various positions and read but no joy. Pacing did not ease the pain so much as not intensify it.

I am exhausted. Yesterday’s busy schedule went better than I hoped. I even got out early. But everyone wanted to chit chat so I ended up home at my regular time. I am not really looking forward to tomorrow at work. I am manager as well as gas. I have no one coming in for gas until 2pm. So if anything needs my attention as a manager I will need someone to cover gas. I guess it will all work out but sheesh!

I still have to write my article. I am regarding the prospect with dread. It’s just that I am so wiped out from everything the past few weeks… I really enjoy my job at the paper. I am forever grateful that they took me in on a trial basis and decided I was good enough. And that is why I push myself to keep writing and getting myself out there to the meetings. If it weren’t for the paper I would spend a lot more time at home and I seriously need to be out and about more. I just don’t wanna go out. Once I am out I usually enjoy myself it’s just getting me out that can be tricky.

I have three penpals and I haven’t received a letter from anyone in a long time. I know it’s childish and there are reasons behind it. It is nothing personal. But my inner child is sitting looking up at me with wide blue eyes and her bottom lip sticking out looking for all the world like she wants to cry. She has had a hard week too.

The big excitement today will be French toast made with cinnamon and apple swirl bread as well as cappuccinos made with our espresso machine. I am excited about that. I don’t have any set plans for today although I do need to water and take care of my plants. I have lost several over the past few weeks. I need to dump the dirt into the various gardens and put the dead plants into the compost pile. When we got up this morning I saw that our maple trees in back had shed a good portion of their leaves. 😲 I was both surprised and sad. I also see that I need to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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