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The Morning After

I didn’t have to go to last night’s meeting, which was a blessing. My shoulders felt like someone was trying to peel them off. I was in bed early but the shoulder pain kept me awake. I finally took a second muscle relaxer. That seems to quiet them enough so I could get some sleep.

I woke up to my alarm again. I always feel guilty when that happens because I don’t want to wake Chris. Today will be a 10 hour day after the meeting. I hope that it is an hour meeting so I can try to spend time with the family (even if it is only a few minutes) before work. But I hoped for that with the meeting last week and it was over an hour and a half. I won’t know until I get there what is on the agenda. I already told my editor that the article would be late.

I will finally have a day off tomorrow. After almost a week straight. I seriously hope next week’s schedule is more diverse. I don’t think I can do this again so soon. More changes are coming again in management so I think that it will be interesting at work. We may lose some key people. But we will see what happens.

I am so tired right now. And I ache. But I can’t call in to either job because there is no one to take my place. So onward we go. I feel bad for my pups because when I get home they expect to play and when I get home I am ready to collapse. But I do try to play a little with them. I am hoping that my day off makes everything right. The next couple of shifts at work are going to be crazy. I am gas AND manager. No relief person for one of the days so I probably won’t get any breaks. I hope we don’t get too busy and no issues! It will be interesting. Atleast I get out at 2pm both days. If we have deliveries that need checks it will be interesting. 🙄

Dad wants to talk and I do too but I need a day of rest right now. I told him that things were crazy at work and I have no idea when I will have time off (which wasn’t a lie because I did not have this week’s schedule at the time). I love Dad and I do want to see him (we FaceTime) but I really feel like crap. I would just stay home today if I could.

It is starting to hurt to swallow so I think I will get some throat lozenges when I get to work. I need to make sure I bring something to drink to the meeting. My throat will get sensitive and I will get a tickle (like now… hang on). Oof. Sorry. I guess I will be wearing a mask while I am out and about today. Yuck. I can’t breathe right anyway. Oh well. I don’t want to share more than I already am by being present. I am glad I keep to myself at the meetings.

I will add the few random photos I took when we got up. They aren’t very good (my opinion) but atleast they are something to look at. Thank you for all your comments and thank you for reading! Stay safe!

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