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It’s Catchy

Another too early morning. I do get out at 2pm but I have a meeting in Elk Rapids tonight and tomorrow morning. I am seriously thinking about asking if someone can take tonight’s meeting. I honestly feel like crap. I have managed to catch something either from a customer or coworker (several of both have been sick). I would call in if I could for my day job as well. I got home last night and felt like I had been beaten up. All I wanted to do was sleep. I thought I felt better when I got up but once I sat down it all hit again. Body aches, dry scratchy throat and just general feeling bad. The body aches are the worst right now. My skin is overly sensitive with everything. The least touch and it hurts. The girls have tried to help but… Essie stayed up with me today. I think she is on the couch again while I write this.

I need to let the paper know that I won’t have the article in time for this week’s paper. Tuesday I am scheduled tight enough that I will be going straight to work after the meeting. And pulling a 10 hour shift. That is another reason I am seriously thinking about having someone else cover tonight’s meeting. I am just worn out between both jobs. I am frustrated about scheduling as well since I have virtually no time to write my article even if I do have the time to go to the meeting.

Yeah, I think I am going to ask for someone to cover my meeting tonight. I am miserable right now. I just hope I can make it through work. It really sucks because I have to do my first cigarette order this week and this happens. I am hoping that if I can get to bed early again tonight that I will be better tomorrow. Atleast I won’t be up late trying to get the article written. I feel guilty about doing it but I need some kind of break right now.

I really don’t have any photos either. I have a bunch on my phone but I can’t put very many (if any at all) on here because the size of the files. When I take pictures with Nikon I can upload them into tiny files so I can fit more on my blog. I will share the few that I have and see if I can get more tonight when I get home. On that note I am going to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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