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Sleep, The Great Pretender

Sleep, blessed sleep. Last night was the first solid sleep I got in days. Sigh. I was so asleep I even had to rely on the alarm I set to wake me up. I still can’t quite wake myself up. The coffee is trying but so far it is just a warm beverage.

Such a day yesterday! The deli workers had a blow out (new clashing with the old). Bad enough that the store owner came in to straighten things out. Myself, on the other hand, was on full wattage (behold the power of lack of sleep! lol). I can honestly say I gave 150% yesterday at work. I also managed to get another raise. Yep, $1.50 raise between yesterday and today. I am stepping up and going to learn to do the cigarette ordering. I guess I am being thought about to do the liquor department as well. Things are moving fast! So much for the “slow” season.

To celebrate we grilled steaks on the barbeque (it was a beautiful Fall day) and had lovely herbed small potatoes on the side. AND we actually sat at the kitchen table together to eat. No tv, no dogs sniffing too close to the food (they are very good about not taking things but they will sniff as much as you let them)… no distractions. And we had a lovely view of the yard. Chris made the comment that it was the reason he liked going to restaurants with me. Just us and our food. (For those that don’t know the table had been piled high with my plants that have since been relocated to a set of nice sunny shelves.)

Bed called to me early last night. I was in bed reading even before the sun went down. I think I lasted until 10pm. The alarm was set for 7am. Funny thing is I did wake up when the clock said 7am (it hadn’t been changed for daylight savings time). Then a smile stole across my face as I realized I still had one more hour of sleep. I briefly thought about getting up (I still have my article to write) but decided that I needed my sleep more. I can either write it when I am done here or when I get home tonight.

I did get the camera out a little yesterday as well. It looked like a bird fight happened by the bird feeder. Either that or the bird exploded. No body parts but tons of feathers from all over a bird: small fluffy feathers from the chest area, wing feathers, back feathers… Chris said maybe a hawk (I asked if he had heard any squawking over the course of the day since the door had been open he said no). Sooooo the mystery remains.

Too funny! I just stretched and Essie sat up on the couch and did the same stretch. I love that little girl! Stella is asleep in her nest of blankets behind me on the love seat. It looks like the sun might be fully up now too. Oh and apologies for the blog posts that may or may not be readable next week. Tomorrow I work 7am to 2pm, meeting in Elk Rapids at 7pm, meeting at 9am Tuesday, 12pm to close as closing manager Tuesday night. I am not sure when I will get both articles written since I don’t seem to have much time to do anything but work. Thanks for reading today! I hope your day is the best it can be for you! Stay safe!

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