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And the Winner Is…. Chaos!

No idea as to how long this will be. I am exhausted. I ended up going to the doctor yesterday. I called to get an appointment and they had one open that afternoon so I took it. We talked about various options for the back etc and I opted to get a shot in the hip to hold me over. I’m glad I did because it has really helped. I woke up this morning able to walk. Meantime Mom is not talking to me. We were messaging back and forth but I did not respond after she did not respond for over an hour. It was one of those I just put my phone down and was watching a movie. I stopped looking at my phone. And because she was worried about me (which I appreciate) and I did not answer right away I have been told not to talk to her for several days. And there we are.

Despite being pain free at the moment I didn’t get much sleep. We stayed up too late talking and watching a movie. So now I am paying for it. I have a meeting tonight as well. On the plus side I don’t have to have the article right away so I can actually sleep in tomorrow. I will still write it when I get up but I don’t have to have it in by a certain time. And if I can stay pain free I might call the doctor and ask if doing that on a regular basis is possible. I’m not sure what is in the shot. It is weird not having any pain.

With everything going on I have no new photos to share so I will dig through and see I can find some that I did not download.

Work is going to be complete chaos after this week. We are losing several people for the winter and some for good. That will be four regular employees and one manager. So we will see what happens. There will possibly be promotions but the schedule will be chaotic at best. Oh right… I can’t sleep in tomorrow. I have a meeting at 9am. Nuts. I forgot about that. Well fudge.

I see the clock is telling me I need to wrap things up. I hopefully I can find a few photos to share. Sorry if there are repeats. Hopefully Essie will go back to bed. She has been laying on the kitchen floor to be with me this morning. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

4 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…. Chaos!”

    1. Good morning! I don’t think it is a steroid shot. Those don’t seem to work for me. No idea why. It seems to be something new. I will try to remember to dig through my paperwork and see. Thanks for the well wishes❤️ Have a great day!😁

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