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And Then There Were None

Late last night we fell asleep to the gentle tinkle of ice chunks bouncing off the AC units. This morning we didn’t have the predicted snow just a layer of ice on hard surfaces. The girls and I stayed up late last night after work watching a new vampire movie. It is actually an old German black and white entitled “Vampyre.” I have a small pile of related movies (“Nosferatu” in no less than three versions and a few other titles that are mentioned in background for the first two) that I hope to go through today. One of my coworkers loves movies and found out I did through our numerous conversations. So he has loaned me a pile of…. I count 19 movies to watch between now and May when he gets back. He also gave me two vampire movies, “Vampyre” and “Nosferatu the Vampyre” (this is the 1979 version). “Vampyre” came with a book that has a lot of background material including a copy of “Camilla” to read (or reread in my case). I am very excited to go through and see the various versions. I really enjoy the different beliefs about the vampire. It is interesting to hear what each part of the world thinks about them, how they live, die and what they actually are. I just love stuff like that!

We live in a valley so weather can be interesting sometimes. Not long ago at work when you looked out the gas/courtesy counter window in was pouring rain. But if you looked directly across the store out the deli doors the sun was out and no rain. This morning when we got up it felt even more like a deep hole. All these thick clouds surrounded us with just a small hole that had blue sky coming through. Since then the sun has come out and made everything sparkle as it melts the ice.

Both girls are snoozing. I have covered Stella with a blanket and since Essie likes to lay on the floor in front of the bedroom door I have started laying a big fluffy blanket down for her. I know she appreciates it because she snores loudly when she sleeps, lol. Kind of like when a cat purrs. Stella nudged the blanket when she got up on the love seat so I covered her. She made a little nest and went to sleep.

I am looking forward to two days off. I didn’t realized how keyed up I was for the party until now. So this will be a much welcome respite. Since Chris’s birthday is tomorrow we both have the day off. He wants to go out and about so I will try to bring my camera and get some photos. Something new to share on here. I also ought to download a few photos to my web site. I need to really get on the ball with that. I have just dabbled with it. Now that I have less on my plate (although things are about to get really crazy at work with a major shake up) I think I will make it a point to do more with my photography web site.

I should get myself together and wrap this up so I can get started with my day. I hope all of you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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