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Early Morning Buzz

Oooo… This morning’s post needs to quick like a bunny quick! The article took more time than I thought to write. That and Essie continually getting up to get me to come back to bed. I was able to read some of your amazing posts but not as many as I usually do.

I am determined to get the camera to recognize the flaming colors that the trees around us are showing! Gah! I fought some more with my settings yesterday on the Nikon trying to get the colors to show up. I was able to get some photos before my body rebelled. (I had to hobble as fast as I could to the house as my legs were beginning to buckle under me.) So the color battle continues! I will share what I got yesterday.

I got a sweet message from one of my coworkers at Younker’s last night just out of the clear blue. He and I were managers together and we would occasionally share stuff with each other in the years that have passed. But this time we actually chatted. We decided that we are going to share a beer some time in the near future and catch up on everything. I knew I missed people from there but I never thought they would miss me as much.❤️

I see by the clock that I have used my time up if I plan to share photos. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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