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Squeaking One In

Aaaaaand here we are again. Only a few hours after going to bed. I have a few minutes to get this written before I have to wake Chris. He is going to a firearms training class. We were both going to go but I don’t feel comfortable enough with my gun to attend so I didn’t get the day off. However I do have to work this morning. The nice thing is that I get out at 2pm and I have tomorrow off.

I should have something exciting to write about too. We are planning to got to one of the haunted house events in Traverse. That is if we are both up for it. It has been a full week for both of us so as night creeps in our eyes may creep shut. We are both excited to go so we shall see.

I am still battling with my camera to get decent colors with my Nikon. I was trying to get some foliage shots since the trees are finally turning colors and when I look at them the reds are almost non existent. Fiery maple trees look washed out. I ended up taking a bunch of photos with my phone camera. The colors with that are much more vibrant. It is very frustrating. Especially since the photos I take with the Nikon I can condense so I can share more on here without having to delete old photos. The photos I take with the phone take up more space and I have all but filled my media capacity on here. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on what to do to improve the color quality on the Nikon I am all ears!

I am clock watching. A little bit longer to write. I have a few new tattoo ideas. They are small pieces so I might be able to do them both and cheaply. I wat to get a small white butterfly on my right wrist above the Monarch and I want to get the symbol ; because this represents “a message of affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction and other mental health issues” ( Since I have suffered from several of these and so do many loved ones I would like to get it. I told Dad about it and he got a bit teary.

Ok. The clock says I need to wrap this up. I will add photos from the Nikon only this morning. I don’t have time to go and delete old photos to share the bunch I got with my phone. Thanks for your suggestions and comments in advance! And thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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