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Write and Wrong

I have had a lot of people ask me why I write in my blog every day, why not just write on the weekends or on specific days. The big thing is my schedule or lack of a consistent schedule. If I had say Wednesdays off all the time I could do my blog posts every Wednesday. But my days off vary so I try to keep my blog consistent (as well as my writing) and I write this every day. I also know me and if I try to only do it a few days a week I will drop the ball and eventually I won’t do it at all.

I have received a message from the writer in Argentina about helping him polish his story to win an award. I am struggling to explain that it is going to take a major rework. Possibly just starting from scratch. With all that has been going on I had forgotten that I needed to respond to him. (I feel a bit like a failure…. I keep forgetting things like this.) I suppose that I will have to message him back once I finish with this. The dread hangs heavy. I don’t like telling other writers that their work needs… well it’s just not good enough. I sit and stare at the previous line and my mind freezes. I don’t ever want to tell someone that. But the amount of work needed to get his story even read able is going to take a complete rewrite (did I mention that there are 70 pages?) with constant communication between us. I just can’t even face something like that. It’s just not a good story. That is honestly what it comes down to. He just needs to start over. But how do I say it without hurting his feelings? Or crushing his dream? I don’t think there is a way.

And now the guilt rolls in. I think of all the things I need, should and have to do. Times I let people down. Etc etc. This is another reason I drag my feet with things. I want too much to help others and when I can’t I beat myself up.

So I need to try to focus on the good that I can and have done. Yesterday’s accomplishments include washing several walls and a good bit of floor as well as finishing laundry (all before work). Moving everything out and around in preparation of my Father-in-law moving is has freed up a lot of space that was once buried behind things (or under things) so I am scrambling to to a decent clean up before company comes over on the 30th. I know they will be surprised at the changes as it is but I want to make the extra effort so that I can be proud of how things look. I know there are things that I will have to cope with (not getting all the dust gone is a big one as I am not a consistent duster and with all of us I can dust one day and within a few hours I can see the dust starting to build up again) but I want to get as much done as I can.

Stella is dreaming. Her tail is wagging and she is woofing. It sounds like she is playing with someone or something. Silly girl. I really should get this posted before I decide I shared too much. Thanks for listening. Stay safe!

4 thoughts on “Write and Wrong”

  1. Giving “less than good” news is never easy, but I know I would rather hear it from someone who cares about how I feel, and it’s obvious that you have a big heart. I’m terrible with giving “bad” news! But I’m relatively good at receiving it, and if he reached out to you for help, hopefully he’s willing to receive the opinion he asked for. Good luck!!

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  2. I would prefer to hear the truth and not have anyone act artsy fartsy with me, – BUT there are always ways of dealing withis like the ol’ sweet bitter sweet method, say something nice, then something not so nice, then nice again. it makes bitter news easier to swallow 🙂

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