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Stepping Into Fall

It is so dark it could be night. Or atleast dusk. The birds are strangely quiet (as two blue jays set up a squawking contest outside the door). Just past the fence in the little grove there was atleast 30 sparrows (I believe that was the bird song I heard) when we got up. There were just so many little voices! Just huge! Then nothing. It has been so odd….

Yesterday was a Summer’s day until just before 3pm when it got very cold and the sun disappeared. Then the rumble of thunder from the west sent the girls inside. From then on it was chilly and raining. So it became a day for horror. We did horror movies (the first two I ended up just fast forwarding through) and a documentary on the making of the original Halloween. It’s funny how when you hear about how they did some of the iconic scares it wasn’t even iconic at all. They were just trying to put something together as fast as they could. And it works. All the new movies use all this high tech stuff and aren’t near as intense as some of the old horror.

Halloween is just 10 days away… I can’t believe it! Then we are into Thanksgiving and Christmas. I haven’t been out of retail long enough to appreciate either holiday. I have seen too much greed from both the public and corporations. Too much nastiness and abuse of staff. I am grateful that it did not touch my love of Halloween. I remember when I first started at Younker’s I still loved all the holidays. I even started doing Secret Santa for everyone. We had so much fun with it! Then the hours got longer and the demands of the job got to be more and more.

I am still debating about joining the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year. I tried last year but failed. Not miserably because I did get some great story background done but I did peter out early. Three pages every day is the average to get the word count (50,000 words) by the end of the month. But I might be able to swing it. Hmmm…. I will see. Technically I’m “cheating” because it is a work in progress. You are supposed to get a brand new story idea and write the whole novel in a month. But this is the same one from last year soooo… Even if I don’t make it I think it will be a good push for me.

I hear the washer finished so I had better get laundry into the dryer. Work at 1pm so I should have everything ready. I really appreciate all your comments and suggestions too! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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