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Here We Are

Once again the internet is out. Sigh… so I am writing this on my phone. No idea if it will save or if I will end up with a double post again. Tomorrow I have off so we can sleep in. Once again Essie got up with me but went back to bed (she tried several times to get me to come with, only the words “I have to go to work sent her back and she stayed). Stella came out to eat and has stayed with me.

I am so very not a morning person… but having the rest of my day is nice. I did nothing constructive other than play with the girls. It will probably be the same tonight after work. I had plans to work on my novel but my anxiety kicked in and we just watched horror movies.

I look at what I have written thus far and it sounds so blah. But that is my mindset right now so I shouldn’t be surprised.

I just shut the laptop down. There was a hopeful sigh from the couch. It is supposed to be nice once the day warms up. Another shot at summer temperatures. So I will wear my shorts again this morning. I will get the usual good natured comments.

Funny enough I got up a little early to make sure I had time to do everything this morning. Oh well. I will need to leave early to get this up before I start work. I don’t have many more photos from the Memorial. But I do have more from around here. It seems as though every tree in the way to work is making a serious effort to change but looking from our property around us all is still green. Just the lightest bits of color here and there. I am tempted to take my camera with me to work so I can get photos on the way home but there is no place to stash the camera while I work. Anyway I will add what I have. Sorry for all the blah. I hope you like the photos though! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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