Love and Gardens

Yesterday ent better than expected. I was able to meet Linda’s family that I had heard so much about. And her family is amazing.❤️ I met several of her coworkers from her other job as well.

The Botanical Gardens that we met at were…. Well amazing! There is a fairy garden where people have put all kinds of small houses for fairies, there is a food garden, an Oriental garden, a butterfly garden… and those are the ones I got to!

With all the photos I took I will have plenty to share for several days. I will share the ones from the Oriental garden first. That garden is in another garden that has some beautiful roses in bloom. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Unfortunately this morning is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I let myself “sleep in” (I’m not sure if I did as I was checking the. clock every few minutes). No big deal. Got the girls fed and went to log in to read some of your blogs before writing my own and no internet. So I am sitting in the dark on my phone as I write this.

I will save my photos to my phone then leave a few minutes early so I can use the wifi at work to get this posted. I am sorry that I am unable to read any of your blogs this morning. I was looking forward to that! I will try to read some on my breaks.

I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

*Ed. note: This was the lost post from yesterday. It saved in my laptop but not my phone. I did not use my laptop at all yesterday… Oh well. 😁

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