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Finally Saying Goodbye

Today is the day I have been both dreading and looking forward to. Part of me doesn’t want to go. It wants to stay home. The other part wants say goodbye and spend some time with Mom. I have no idea where I am going so Google Maps don’t fail me now! I’m also not sure how early I should leave. An hour should be enough time but I honestly have no idea where this place is (everyone I have talked to has had no idea this place even existed and they have lived here all their lives in some cases) and I have never even hear of the road before up here. So a new adventure there. But I really miss Linda and this will really be goodbye.

I brought the plants in last night. As of last night the temps are getting and staying in the Fall temperature range. I think yesterday was the last day of my Summer. The furnace has been on several times. I am ready for a change in weather but not really because this means Winter. Looking at them now they all look green and happy. I did some trimming last night. I know there are a few more plants that need it.

I got a lot done yesterday. But not everything that I wanted. By the time I was able to rest and write I could barely keep my eyes open so that is on the slate for today. I made myself a list for today (looking at it I see that I would’ve forgotten my camera). It’s not long so I will get it all done. I got a big chunk of long term stuff done yesterday.

The girls slept hard. We did a lot of playing even before Chris left for work. Late afternoon Stella got repeated zoomies and was tearing through the yard. The last few I had Essie chasing her so they got to playing for a bit. It was good to see them playing outside together. I ordered some toys from Chewy. I am hoping that they will arrive today. Probably tomorrow though. They ship fast. I always get the kids medicine from them. Then I don’t have to drive to the vet’s. And even the vet says that they are usually cheaper for medicine.

I am dragging my feet. I should wrap this up and get going. I can feel the anxiety starting. And I can hear Linda’s voice in my head….Ok before I start crying. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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