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Deep Breath….And Relax!

Ahhhhh! Blessed blessed day off! Oh how I need you! In all honesty I’m not going to know what to do with myself. I am so used to cramming what I can into my day before I head out to work. That means I can get some work done on my novel! Yay! I feel bad because I haven’t really touched it in a week now. But work took everything out of me. Last night seemed to be the topper. Instead of an “easy” day it was a long day. Two of us not very experienced back in the deli… I was the slicer person for orders because my coworker is afraid of the slicer. And I was the one trying to make sure we all got stuff to do (I was barely making sure I had stuff to do). But despite all the obstacles we survived and may have even become friends.

Oh my fierce Pittys! They are scared of the rain that is falling. I am trying to type around 120lbs of Pitbull right now. Silly pups. I need to go get yogurt (I forgot with everything going on at work) so Essie can have her medicine. If she doesn’t get yogurt in her tummy first she will throw everything up in a matter of minutes. But if the girls are spooked then they will wake Chris up while I am gone. So I supposed I will wait a bit. I could take Stella but then Essie would be alone. (Essie is not fond of car rides.)

On the plus side it is a dark day so I will be more inclined to hunker inside and work on my novel. I also need to write a few letters and emails today. I have friends and family members that I have not been in touch with for a bit. I am hoping that (as I look around the room/house) I don’t have much to do around the house. I think all my major projects are done. I do need to glue some flooring down. So it will be just upkeep for a bit. I am going to do my best to relax today. I am not sure how tomorrow will go. I have the memorial service at noon (remember to take your camera…) but I do need to leave early as I have no idea where I am going besides Traverse City somewhere. I am not sure how long things will last either. I am going to push Mom to come out and meet me at a coffee shop I think. I want to get her out of the house. She is becoming a recluse and as much as I want to see my little sissies (her two pups) I want her to get out around other people.

I have so much that I want to read right now! But I need to work on my novel and play with the girls. I do have treats to bribe them with though. I have some soup bones for them to eat later. So much relaxing that I want to do today…. reading, writing, playing with the girls, puttering around in my office…. I got my violet plant repotted the other day. I was so scared that it would die on me! I have had it for several years and it had filled up it’s original pot long ago. I finally bit the bullet and put him in a pot about twice the size of his original. He has bee doing wonderfully! I am so excited!

I guess I should wrap this up before it gets too long. Now that I have the luxury of time for a little while… I will add a few photos and get this posted. The weather is nice enough that I still have plants blooming like crazy (for which I am very grateful). And for you rock hounds out there I took a few photos of a few of my “hunting grounds” on our property. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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