This morning the sun beat us up… but not by much. It is still too early for us. Last night’s meeting was a bust. I got there on time only to find out that the meeting had begun at 6:30pm. Oh well. I was able to spend more time with the girls. We played for a while then I watched two horror movies. The rain started not long after I turned the lights out for bed. The girls did really well. Once they realized that we were ok they seemed to settle in and go to sleep.

We were slated to get storms for the past few days but so far not much has happened but rain. Looks like maybe more rain this morning but there are several patched of blue sky pushing through the cloud cover. I am grateful that I don’t have to water any of my outdoor plants. It is still summer weather here (despite it being almost the middle of October) so all my plants are still outside.

Atleast I know that this morning’s meeting will still be going on. They never change the time for this one. Nor do they ever do Zoom. Several of the locals have asked them to offer a Zoom link (the one I am thinking of has a sick husband that cannot be left alone so in order for her to come to a meeting she has to find someone to sit with her husband while she is gone). The meeting last night won’t offer a Zoom link either.

Ahhhh, I hear rain starting to fall again. Means a wet drive. I will have to bring the appropriate music. I think a little jazz this morning might be in order. Speaking of which I need to get moving. I did not realize how late it was. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Rains”

  1. You captured the moon perfectly! And painted such a vivid picture of your morning. I’m glad you had more time to play with the girls! Dogs really are the embodiment of unconditional love ❤️

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