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Have you ever woken to a day and felt that something was going to happen? Not sure if it will be good or bad but something will happen? That is me this morning. There are huge thick clouds coming in from the far south east this morning. The winds have been strong too.

Not much sleep last night because I had to do the “fast unwind” when I got home. I did get laundry washed and into the dryer before bed too. I need work clothes. The annoying part is that I am working in the deli today so I pretty much am going to have to wash my shorts again for tomorrow. I’m not sure how long, short or topics of the next week of posts. Well who am I kidding? I never do. But I am working straight through to next Thursday. I am a bit annoyed about it. Tomorrow I work morning until 6pm then I go to Elk Rapids for a meeting. I have a meeting the following morning then I close that night as a manager. Then I work Wednesday night in the deli essentially by myself (the other person I work with won’t really do much because she doesn’t like being back there). I don’t understand why I don’t have either Monday or Tuesday off. At one point I have to find time to write the articles for the meetings. It is very frustrating. He forgets that every time.

I don’t know if I will have time to write the article for Thursday’s meeting before work today or not. If not I have to write it after I get home tonight. I probably should’ve gotten up earlier but I need to sleep when I can. But I might still have time.

I am hoping to get together with Mom Friday after the memorial service. We’ll see if that happens. She will want to meet at her place but I am going to try to get her to come to a coffee shop or something to chat. She needs to get out more. With all the hours I am working I have dropped out of touch with both my parents. I did manage to get out an email to Dad the other day.

I can tell that I need some time off because my filter at work is not working very well. I have not been the best person either. Maybe ok for some but below the standard I have for myself. So I guess I need that time in the deli. We usually have enough people back there that I can just focus on tasks instead of dealing with people.

Sorry about all the whining. That is not how the post started. Thanks for listening. Stay safe!

4 thoughts on “Frustrations”

  1. Lol! I think that’s what we’re taught, unfortunately, that venting or communicating is whining. But I didn’t hear any poor me. I heard someone sharing where they were at and how they were feeling, which I thought was brave and beautiful ❤️

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