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Lazy Day With Much To Do

This morning has dawned cool and damp. Not a bad thing really. But everyone is sleepy. It is a lazy day to be sure. Unfortunately there is a lot going on so… Hopefully I will get my work schedule today. I think I would’ve been ok but having the Memorial Service on Friday means I needed the whole day off. I can work either of my meeting days though so that shouldn’t have been an issue. I guess we’ll see.

I finally got sleep last night! Yay! Means I will be playing catch up for a few days with it though. It was nice to pretty much sleep the night through. I don’t know how busy work will be. Things have died right down for the most part. I had to make sure everyone stayed busy last night. I sent several people home early since we didn’t have anything for them to do.

Today is one of my long days so I won’t have much time to do anything before work. The girls are pouting. They want to play since their daddy is awake but I haven’t finished this so they will have to wait. I am hoping to sneak in some writing before I have to go. I didn’t get any done last night. I did get almost two pages written Thursday morning. We’ll see what happens. I might just come home and go to bed. I should actually. I just remembered that I have to work at 10am tomorrow. I will be in the deli so I can be grumpy and not really have to deal with people.

I finally finished reading two novels that I have been reading seemingly forever. I usually have several books going at once so I have different books for different moods. I finished a cozy mystery and a horror compellation. Both good. And yes I have several other books that I am reading. They are nonfiction though. I might grab an Elizabeth Peters to keep with me. Either an Amelia Peabody or Jacqueline Kirby mystery will do nicely. Both are sassy heroines that I love to read about. I see by the clock that I need to wrap this up and get moving for work. Thanks for reading and especially for your comments! I love hearing from everyone! Stay safe!

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