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Title? Hot Mess

This time it wasn’t Essie’s fault. My body would just not get comfortable so I could sleep. Body temperature was all over the place and I hurt. But let’s focus on the good things from yesterday…

I did get some new photos while I was in Elk Rapids last night. There were a few I wanted to go back to after the meeting but by that time it was getting dark. I haven’t officially reviewed any of the photos so hopefully there are some good ones worth sharing. I got several compliments regarding my articles from various members last night. I was greatly humbled and very grateful. I needed that. We spent several hours walking around the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Elk Rapids while they discussed what needed to be done over the next year(s) in the park.

I got most of my list completed yesterday as well. I have a little to do today before work but I think I can swing it. My focus isn’t very good this morning. I slept late trying to catch up on sleep but now I just feel like I am in a daze. Once Chris gets up I need to get into the shower. I almost did it last night in hopes of getting to sleep but I am glad I didn’t. I would’ve still had to do it this morning.

I can see that Essie hurts as much as I. She isn’t walking right with her back legs. She and I need to both take our meds after I finish this. I am trying to stay positive but the pain is a bit much today. So I guess I will wrap this up and get this posted. Sorry this is so short. Thanks for reading and your continued support! Stay safe!

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