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Priorities… And What Got Done

The sun is bright this morning. Part of that is due to the blinds being pulled almost all the way open. I have moved the shelves to the sunny spot so I can start putting the plants on there. I also got the houses vacuumed and the kitchen swept. The island counter top did not get cleaned off. I did also catch up on my various series and finished a novel I had been reading. So I believe that I found a balance yesterday. I still hurt but I also don’t feel like I completely slacked off yesterday either. I only got one thing on my to do list done but that was because I ended up with a completely different list in my head. The meeting was listened to and the article written once I had this posted as well.

There are things I should’ve gotten done but did not. I did not work on my novel. Instead I called Mom. After that I binge watched my shows to catch up. I can excuse the counter not getting cleaned off since I got so much else done but the novel…. not so much. So my goal is a page on the novel before work.

I got a bit of a surprise? shock? yesterday. I got a message from my friend’s daughter telling me about the memorial service they were holding for her next week. It still brings a tear (several actually) to my eye. So that will be on my list for work today. Since I will have Thursday off for a meeting I will miss handing my list in for time off. So I need to do it today. I might try to hook up with Mom. We’ll see how I feel. I might make her meet me somewhere. She needs to get out more than just the grocery store.

I am looking around the room… I realize that I really need to start uploading my photos to my web page. I have several hundred saved to my phone that I have shared on here that need to be uploaded on to my site. I put that off because it is such a large project. Even doing say 5 or 10 takes atleast 20 minutes with the whole process to upload, write all the text that goes with the photo, ok everything and then do a final upload onto the site. And I really don’t want to spend the time. If I do less than 5 it’s not really worth the time. What I need to do is stop procrastinating and post this so I can get going on my novel. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Priorities… And What Got Done”

  1. The fall photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them.
    Best of luck with your novel, surely not easy to keep up with the commitment especially when there’s so much on your mind and plate – but surely it will eventually lead to something great : )

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