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Sun And Rain Then Back Again

The sun was actually out when we got up this morning. In the little bit we have been up a thick layer of clouds has moved in. And you know what? I am all good with that. You know how you wake up and the sun just annoys you and you want clouds? It doesn’t happen often for me but today is one of those days. I am burnt out. I need a day off. Long days dealing with people has tapped out my inner resources. All I have done the past few nights is literally come home and gone to bed. I just have to get through tonight and I have tomorrow off. I am wondering if Essie will eat more if I am home. She did eat some breakfast this morning (it looks like she didn’t eat dinner last night). I know that if I work too much she will get into a funk some times. I don’t know.

I am grateful that I don’t have to be manager tonight but tonight will have it’s own challenges. We are having 10Β’ off a gallon for our gas today. Guess who is working the gas window and courtesy counter tonight? On the flip side I think I will go in a few minutes early and try to get my car gassed up. With the short drive it usually takes a while before I need to put gas in. I am lucky and I have been able to gas up the past few discount days.

Nuts. I just realized that I missed going to the local butterfly house. As of yesterday it has closed for the season. I meant to go on a day off but I got so caught up in things here that I forgot. Oh well… I guess I need to wait til next Spring when they reopen. I am kinda bummed. I had hoped to get some photos while I was there.

I keep trying to think of different photography opportunities. Places I want to go but that I can take photos as well. Extra incentive to get me out of the house. There are several raptor rescues that I would like to go to. I can drag Chris along too because he loves those types of birds. So much I want to do but so little energy to do it.

Speaking of which I want to try to get some work done on my novel. I haven’t touched it this work week because I literally have had very little time to do anything other than this and play with the dogs for a little before I start it all over again. That is a big goal for me tomorrow. Spend atleast an hour on my novel. There is so much clamoring for my attention tomorrow! I am going to have to make it a point not to rush anything. And my mind replies, “But there is so much to dooooo!” There in my friends lies the rub.

All right… I need to wrap this up so I can get some time on my novel before work (I don’t have to be there until 2pm today so I get a whole two extra hours to work on things around here). Thank you for all your comments and support! I really appreciate it! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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