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“I Love A Rainy Night” ♪♪

It is a very quiet morning. It still feels like summer but there is a cool breeze. We had a lot of rain yesterday off and on. That gave us foggy humid weather last night (which I enjoyed but I am considered weird). The fog has lingered and increased this morning. It is either very romantic or very creepy depending on your viewpoint. I can get behind both. 😁

Both girls got up with me this morning but only Stella ate. Essie doesn’t want any food. I am hoping to get her to eat some yogurt so she can take her medicine this morning. She did a lot yesterday it sounds like and that might be why. I notice that (like me) if she hurts too much she isn’t interested in food. I did give her meds yesterday morning and last night after I got home though.

I try not to chide myself for sleeping in later. I need the sleep (I feel beat up this morning despite going to bed almost as soon as I got home) but the other big point I make to myself is that exactly a month from now we are going to have our time change so really I will be getting up at 8am instead of 9am. So there is no point in getting up any earlier unless I have to.

I might sit out for awhile when I finish this. I am really not feeling it this morning. 10 hour days of dealing with people nonstop…. oof. And people are calling in sick. There seems to be something going around the store. Cold? Flu? No idea but none of us want it. It seems to be going around the deli the most. I just hope I don’t get sick. I have enough going on.

Weird stuff… So I am walking from the garage to the back door and I see movement in the grass on my right. I immediately look down. It stops. I wait. A small frog is trying frantically to hop away. It is October. We normally don’t have them out and about this time of the year. (I also heard some frogs singing at work.) Then, later, I was putting laundry into the washer I saw (again) something out of the corner of my eye. The back door is to my right and I stand up and look out the window. There is this beautiful ginger and white cat… almost still a kitten. She (I think) was coming to the door as if it were her house. So I start to open the door and she looks up and sees me and bolts. You could see the realization that she wasn’t at her house and I was not her human. I hope she found her way home ok.

It is way too peaceful out. I need to get out there. I hope all of you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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