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Settling Into Fall

As I write this I have a Stella head in my lap. She has been getting scratched as I have been reading through your posts this morning. She has been a bit of a cuddle bug since we got up. And I am grateful as I don’t feel the best this morning. I fell asleep pretty easily but something woke me about an hour into my sleep. It sounded like someone knocking on a window but the girls were still snoozing. But then I am hyper aware so I didn’t fall back to sleep until after Chris got home. And since it is another long shift at work I decided to get up just a little earlier so I could get things done around here before I went in. I really wanted to sleep but….

I did a bit too much at work yesterday. But things were keeping me busy as manager so not much of a choice. I still have projects that I need to complete today for the local stuff. We are getting a lot of back stock for a lot of our departments because the smallest of our three stores has closed. It just wasn’t making any money. The flip side is that is was in a small town like ours so it was the only real grocery store in the area. A catch 22. You can do what is right for the company or you can do what is right for the community. I’m just glad I didn’t have to make that call.

The girls had a long day yesterday. Chris left not much later that I did and I left at 12:45pm. I got home around 10:15pm last night. I did my best to play with them before bed. They were very good (even if Essie left both her frisbees outside… sigh). Chris has the weekend off so that will be good for them. I was thinking last night that if I came home to an empty house every night I wouldn’t be a very happy person. Even if I am wiped out coming home to the pups helps me because I am thinking outside of myself.

Stella keeps stretching out more and more. She is half in my lap and half draped. Goof pup. Little Essie is out cold in front of the bedroom door. I can hear the snores from here. After I wrap this up I will water all the plants inside and out then for find little missy’s frisbees. I did get some color shots of the trees turning yesterday. I thought about leaving early to get some shots on the way to work but I really don’t want to leave early. And the trees in the primary places I could park and get out aren’t changing yet so I will stick with what is changing around me. Once the colors start to spread more I might take an hour and go take photos around here. I have several parks I could go to and take photographs. I just haven’t taken the time. My days off are usually spent at home because I deal with people too much and want to stay home.

I see that I have been going on a bit. I really appreciate all the comments you all leave. It’s nice to hear your thoughts on things and suggestions! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

7 thoughts on “Settling Into Fall”

      1. Well over here autumn has started with a huge bang – we have had rain non-stop since Thursday evening and the temperatures dropped like falling rocks off a cliff edge hahaha – winter’s moving in l feel πŸ™‚

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      2. Hey Jen πŸ™‚

        Ironically, it’s wet, wet and more wet here, but still muggy ..ish always an ish somewhere these days l feel πŸ™‚

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