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And the Countdown Begins!

It was a bit dreary when we got up but the clouds are moving away and the sun is coming out! Yay! It is still a bit crisp out but that is ok. I think this will make the colors pop even more on the trees. There are only a few more things to do around the house. Dishes, vacuum and clean off the end tables. Oh and get some stuff put away. I am very excited! I am contemplating dressing up for our movie watching event. Or do I save it for tomorrow? Or do both?

I got a good night’s sleep despite the pain. I came home early from work because I just could not function. This upcoming paycheck is going to be light but there is nothing I could do about it. And I am not going to worry about it. Yesterday’s doctor’s appointment was a bust. All the “secondary” pains seem to be stemming from the back. So I guess I atleast am narrowing the field of problems… or rather causes of said problems. So back to the GP I go. I will call Monday before work.

Essie has an upset tummy. I am pretty sure it is the Alpo treats. I himmed and hawed about getting them. I think I might call the 800 number. I wonder where they are made… Stella looks desperately unhappy. She wants my undivided attention and I had to shoo her away so I could do this. I keep telling them they will be busy this afternoon. Both Jim and Erin love them so they will play with them as much as they can. I am so excited to see them! I don’t know if we will try to do the haunted house tonight or not. It may depend on how many movies we watch. I know that Chris wants to see “The Crow” for sure tonight. We are trying to make that our yearly Devil’s Night viewing since that is when the movie takes place. I remember seeing the movie in the theatre and commenting that it looked a lot like Detroit on Devil’s Night when I was growing up. And it turns out that is where it was based on.

So much has changed from my childhood (I sound like my parents lol). I remember dressing up for Halloween at school and going trick-or-treating for blocks around our house with a group of friends. There was the one year I dressed as an Ewok (Wicket W. Warwick to be exact) and it was almost freezing and raining. Mom didn’t want me to go out but I had my heart set on it. So we compromised and I could go two blocks in every direction then come home. I think I got maybe half that. I got home soaked and cold. I remember Mom running a hot bath and making me soup. I also remember Halloween as a fun time of year. Everyone looked forward to it. Devil’s Night not so much because that was the night when pranks were played and if you lived in Detroit fires set. But Halloween was the BEST! I am sorry that future generations have lost that love and enjoyment.

I guess I could go out and snap some photos to put on here really quick. It has been so busy that I haven’t had time. Ooooo! I also got some cool writing gloves to keep my hands warm while I write. They have the beginning of Dracula written on them. (You can get others but I went with that. I wanted to get Cthulhu but the gloves were green and I am not a fan of green gloves. 😥) I will wrap this up and get some photos to post on here. I hope to have some really cool photos tomorrow as well! Thanks for reading and thanks for all the awesome responses. I love interacting with my readers!❤️ Stay safe!🎃

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Early Morning Cognitives

I was able to get a few hours of sleep despite the pain last night. I don’t know how well today will go. There is still a lot to do around the house once I get back from the doctor’s appointment and before work. At the very least I have to clean out both the snake and mouse cages and sweep the kitchen floor. I may ask Chris to take care of the ceiling fan when he get up. Tonight I work in the deli. And there is a truck to put away as well. I was bad enough last night at work that Matt (who is tonight’s closing manager) said that he would not blame me if I called in for tonight. I told him that I would need to be into work anyway to get the last of the supplies for tomorrow’s company anyway so I might as well try to work first. So it might be an early out. We’ll see. There might be too much to do. I know that we have run out of a lot of supplies in the deli so if we don’t get everything then we might be ok in terms of catch up.

I kept getting yelled at for doing things last night. Problem is that we had no carry out so it was up to me (well us… both of my night closers helped as well) to pick up the slack. I hauled several loads of bottles to the back and put them away, Matt did meat and produce before we got too busy, Dawn did the can machine and a propane exchange. I ended up pulling someone from the deli to finish up last night. I did leave a note for the manager so he knew what was going on. We did the best we could.

It turns out that the haunted house we were going to go to on Sunday is closed on that day. I’m not sure why. They are normally open on Halloween. So depending on how Saturday goes we may go that night. I hope I can make it. I really want to go but I’m not sure how the body will do. I will be the one that “dies” first! lol. Although I might surprise everyone if push came to shove.

I am up way too early but I was wide awake at 5:30am. So here we are. Both girls got up with me. I feel bad locking them out of the bedroom but they will trample Chris when I get home from the doctor’s. Part of me dreads coming home because I am tired of cleaning. But it needs to be done.

The house is silent except for the clicking of my typing and the ceiling fan hum. For once even the mice are quiet. Essie just sighed. That about sums it up. I guess I will wrap this up and get it posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Halloweeeeen 🎃

This morning has dawned cold and crisp. There is more dark than light. The four maple trees behind the house are finally changing their colors. It’s like they have finally decided that we aren’t getting any more warm weather so they might as well get with the program. The colors are literally overnight…

I feel like there is still so much to do for this weekend! I don’t know why I have to have the house just right this year. It would be fine as it is and honestly some of it may end up staying as it is. I do need to vacuum and I think I may do that either tomorrow or the day of. We track so much in the house on a daily basis I hate to do it too soon. Same with the cleaning in the living room. But some of that will need to be done earlier regardless. So one of my goals this morning is to do a few things (I am thinking about getting all the windows washed) and then figure out what still needs to be done. I have an early doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I may or may not have time to do things before work. And what I cannot get done I will have to cope with not having done. Essie won’t be happy because I need to clean the ceiling fan. She will shake the whole time.

Once this weekend it over it should be smooth sailing. I never thought that I would be able to say that this time of year! I am still adjusting to having the holidays off and not being beaten to death by them. That being said I still have no idea what to do for anyone for Christmas.

In my multitude of dreams last night (and they all were part of the same story arch) I distinctly remember a mass hatching of Monarch butterflies. There were hundreds! I also remember knowing that they were there for a reason. And I was part of that reason. But now… ???

Stella is curled up on the couch under a blanket out cold. Front leg is stretched out in front of her with the other pulled back and bent at the paw so she can sleep on it. Head smushed up against a pile of blankets with that ear going straight up. Oh to be able to stay home! Baby Essie is in a crescent moon shape in front of the bedroom door sound asleep. Her ears are flat against her head with her head between her paws gently snoring.

I suppose if I am going to get anything done before work I ought to get this posted and get moving. I want to thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my various posts! Stay safe!

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Early Morning Buzz

Oooo… This morning’s post needs to quick like a bunny quick! The article took more time than I thought to write. That and Essie continually getting up to get me to come back to bed. I was able to read some of your amazing posts but not as many as I usually do.

I am determined to get the camera to recognize the flaming colors that the trees around us are showing! Gah! I fought some more with my settings yesterday on the Nikon trying to get the colors to show up. I was able to get some photos before my body rebelled. (I had to hobble as fast as I could to the house as my legs were beginning to buckle under me.) So the color battle continues! I will share what I got yesterday.

I got a sweet message from one of my coworkers at Younker’s last night just out of the clear blue. He and I were managers together and we would occasionally share stuff with each other in the years that have passed. But this time we actually chatted. We decided that we are going to share a beer some time in the near future and catch up on everything. I knew I missed people from there but I never thought they would miss me as much.❤️

I see by the clock that I have used my time up if I plan to share photos. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Staring Into The Darkness

This morning I am trying something new. I am writing this at the kitchen table. Stella has gone back to bed. Essie keeps coming out to get me to go back to bed. I worry that part of the reason she keeps coming back out is because she can’t get back up on the bed by herself. But if I help her back on the bed she will probably hop back down. So I am at a loss.

I will be attending my first managers meeting this morning. This will be interesting because there is no one to cover my area while I attend the meeting. Hang on…. Essie is doing something in the dark. I tried to help but she followed me back out. So.

It has gotten considerably colder here. Our lows are almost to freezing on some nights. I am so glad the plants are in! I am looking forward to being able to scatter the plants in the kitchen. Their blooms will brighten things up. I am thinking of maybe moving some of the larger potted plants in here as well. There is space by the window here. We’ll see. I have to get through this weekend first.

I have alarms set for today. I did wake up before my first alarm but promptly fell back asleep so it’s a good thing I set it. Normally I will get up before it goes off. I have an alarm set for 6:30pm for tonight so that I can go to the meeting. I am dragging my feet because they do have a Zoom link for tonight. I am worried that it won’t work again. But I really don’t want to drive to the meeting. I might try it anyway.

My “i” button has gone wonky. Even when I push it I will have to go back and push it again to make it work. It is very frustrating. Sorry this is all over the place. I am at a loss and having to go back almost every time I push my “i” button is getting on my nerves. I will wrap this up so I can get ready to head out the door. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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Fall Colors

This morning has dawned overcast and quiet. My mood is the same. I don’t feel like doing much of anything but sleeping. I had planned to write this at the kitchen table (I spent a good part of my day writing there after Chris got up) this morning but by the time I remembered I was already spread out in my normal spot on the floor. It will be a nice cozy spot in the winter to write. I am hoping to get on plant hung and a few shelves put up that way I can have some color during the doldrums of winter.

The family had a good day yesterday. We spent quality time together just hanging out. Chris made a a very yummy homemade mac and cheese in the smoker yesterday. Pasta, broth, cream cheese, two other types of shredded cheese, bacon, onion and bread crumbs on top. While that was going in the smoker I got some more photos of the colors. They are quickly reaching their peak. There are several types of leaves that are just going from yellow to brown and just falling off, I am looking at the grape vines out back. The grass is still a rich green.

Next weekend is the big weekend! I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. I am still running around trying to get last minute stuff done. I did a little yesterday but I ran out of steam. So that means I will need to do a little something every day this week so I can be sure to have it all caught up by Saturday. I have a meeting to cover tomorrow after work and a doctor’s appointment on Friday morning. Sooooo this week will be a challenge. My big worry is remembering the meeting tomorrow night. I am gas/courtesy counter in the morning and I get out at either 2 or 3pm. The meeting is not until 6pm. Knowing me I will get involved in something and forget until it is too late.

The girls are bugging me to wrap this up and give them my attention so I guess I should save this and get the photos downloaded. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Using A Little Bit Of Sunshine

Sadly we did not go to the haunted house last night. When it came down to it we were both too tired. And truthfully I did not know if I would be able to walk through it. This morning’s pain is at about a 14 on a scale of 1to 10. I am having severe mobility issues. So I guess it is time to call the doctor again. Sigh. I was hoping not to have to do that.

Despite the pain there are several things that need to get done around the house. Not a lot. If I can get just that little bit accomplished then I will be happy. The sun is out and that helps. The girls want me to be outside playing with them. I threw a lot of toys last night for them. They went to bed very tired girls. I guess they want a repeat performance. We’ll see.

I had a bit of an epiphany when I was taking photos last night. The ones I took of the trees really popped with the darkening sky. I need to adjust the part of the camera that allows the light in and see if that will get my colors to pop. I need to pull out my camera books and see what I need to adjust it to or what it is normally at and see what I can see. If we have a bit of cloud in our sunset that will get me some color to practice with.

Reading is also on my to do list for the day. I have a new issue of The Writer that arrived the other day and a coworker leant me his copy of “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman. It has been on my want to read list for a very long time. We have been sharing books for several months now. Mostly me bringing the various Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. The running joke is that I am the Librarian from the books (who is an orangutang… long story you have to read the books to get the joke) so I say “Ook” a lot. But I am excited to read my first Neil Gaiman novel.

Speaking of coworkers I got a very special gift the other day from some other coworkers. It is a sparkling purple rose suspended in water. I will share some photos. It is so beautiful! When I showed Chris he was surprised by the beauty. You really don’t expect a rose in full bloom covered in purple glitter to be as beautiful as it is.

I had better get this posted. I slept in a lot longer that I expected this morning. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Squeaking One In

Aaaaaand here we are again. Only a few hours after going to bed. I have a few minutes to get this written before I have to wake Chris. He is going to a firearms training class. We were both going to go but I don’t feel comfortable enough with my gun to attend so I didn’t get the day off. However I do have to work this morning. The nice thing is that I get out at 2pm and I have tomorrow off.

I should have something exciting to write about too. We are planning to got to one of the haunted house events in Traverse. That is if we are both up for it. It has been a full week for both of us so as night creeps in our eyes may creep shut. We are both excited to go so we shall see.

I am still battling with my camera to get decent colors with my Nikon. I was trying to get some foliage shots since the trees are finally turning colors and when I look at them the reds are almost non existent. Fiery maple trees look washed out. I ended up taking a bunch of photos with my phone camera. The colors with that are much more vibrant. It is very frustrating. Especially since the photos I take with the Nikon I can condense so I can share more on here without having to delete old photos. The photos I take with the phone take up more space and I have all but filled my media capacity on here. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on what to do to improve the color quality on the Nikon I am all ears!

I am clock watching. A little bit longer to write. I have a few new tattoo ideas. They are small pieces so I might be able to do them both and cheaply. I wat to get a small white butterfly on my right wrist above the Monarch and I want to get the symbol ; because this represents “a message of affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction and other mental health issues” ( Since I have suffered from several of these and so do many loved ones I would like to get it. I told Dad about it and he got a bit teary.

Ok. The clock says I need to wrap this up. I will add photos from the Nikon only this morning. I don’t have time to go and delete old photos to share the bunch I got with my phone. Thanks for your suggestions and comments in advance! And thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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Write and Wrong

I have had a lot of people ask me why I write in my blog every day, why not just write on the weekends or on specific days. The big thing is my schedule or lack of a consistent schedule. If I had say Wednesdays off all the time I could do my blog posts every Wednesday. But my days off vary so I try to keep my blog consistent (as well as my writing) and I write this every day. I also know me and if I try to only do it a few days a week I will drop the ball and eventually I won’t do it at all.

I have received a message from the writer in Argentina about helping him polish his story to win an award. I am struggling to explain that it is going to take a major rework. Possibly just starting from scratch. With all that has been going on I had forgotten that I needed to respond to him. (I feel a bit like a failure…. I keep forgetting things like this.) I suppose that I will have to message him back once I finish with this. The dread hangs heavy. I don’t like telling other writers that their work needs… well it’s just not good enough. I sit and stare at the previous line and my mind freezes. I don’t ever want to tell someone that. But the amount of work needed to get his story even read able is going to take a complete rewrite (did I mention that there are 70 pages?) with constant communication between us. I just can’t even face something like that. It’s just not a good story. That is honestly what it comes down to. He just needs to start over. But how do I say it without hurting his feelings? Or crushing his dream? I don’t think there is a way.

And now the guilt rolls in. I think of all the things I need, should and have to do. Times I let people down. Etc etc. This is another reason I drag my feet with things. I want too much to help others and when I can’t I beat myself up.

So I need to try to focus on the good that I can and have done. Yesterday’s accomplishments include washing several walls and a good bit of floor as well as finishing laundry (all before work). Moving everything out and around in preparation of my Father-in-law moving is has freed up a lot of space that was once buried behind things (or under things) so I am scrambling to to a decent clean up before company comes over on the 30th. I know they will be surprised at the changes as it is but I want to make the extra effort so that I can be proud of how things look. I know there are things that I will have to cope with (not getting all the dust gone is a big one as I am not a consistent duster and with all of us I can dust one day and within a few hours I can see the dust starting to build up again) but I want to get as much done as I can.

Stella is dreaming. Her tail is wagging and she is woofing. It sounds like she is playing with someone or something. Silly girl. I really should get this posted before I decide I shared too much. Thanks for listening. Stay safe!