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Goals, Meeting Them And Not

I am frustrated with myself. Last night I had a meeting I was supposed to cover. They had a Zoom link like normal so I figured that I would just Zoom it instead of driving there. So I worked on stuff around the house etc until the meeting time. When I discovered the link did not work I tried to get a hold of someone to get the correct link (but at 7pm there was little chance of that anyway). Once that did not work then I sent a quick email to my editor explaining things and tried to get to the meeting as fast as I could (normally a 20 minute drive but of course took about 30 minutes). The long and short of it is I ended up missing the meeting. If I had looked at the link sooner I could’ve gotten a new one or just driven to the meeting. I have missed several meetings this year (for various reasons). I don’t know if this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back or not. I hope not.

What I did do right (mostly) was I got the kitchen nook back. The shelves are all cleaned off (the only things on there are things that need to find homes in cupboards) and that corner of the kitchen is cleaned up. All the stuff that has been stacked in various spots on the floor is gone too. My goal is to get the plants off the table and on to wall shelves or with the other plants that will go on the shelves that I just cleaned off. Those shelves will be in the living room by the sliding glass door. (Confused yet?)

Today’s clean up task is the counter tops. There are several that have things just piled on them and have been left for…. well a long time. I plan to go through everything and just pack stuff away if I am keeping it. Otherwise it will go into the give away pile. I did a bit too much yesterday according to my body so we will see how today goes. I need to go into work to take care of the local stuff. (We carry several sections in the store of locally made products. It ranges from food to clothing and jewelry. Local can be from our area to made in the state of Michigan.) Matt normally does this but he is on vacation for two weeks. I said I would if he’d give me a quick run through. He did so I am going in a bit early so that I can take my time. I think the order is due around 1pm or so. It shouldn’t take me long but I want to give myself a longer time frame since it will be my first attempt. And yes I do have the day off. And yes I am getting paid for my time.

I also need to get the plants back out. I might be able to leave them out tonight. I’m not sure. We have almost summer temps during the day but at night it gets to almost freezing sometimes. And those plants are HEAVY. But I can’t leave them out in the cold. So there it is.

Stella and I played a little while I was typing this. Now she is curled up at the end of the couch. I hear snores and sleeping sighs from in front of the bedroom door from Essie. Oooop, Here she comes. And here comes Stella. I guess I have been on here too long. Must play with the puppies they tell me. Lol. So thanks for reading and all your great comments! I love hearing from you! Stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Goals, Meeting Them And Not”

  1. Try not to beat yourself up about missing the meeting. Stuff happens! You’re inspiring me to clean up our kitchen island. It has open shelves with various appliances etc on them. I just looked at the shelves and no lie, they need cleaned and sorted. I usually clean them well at winter break and summers….but….they definitely have not been cleaned this summer. No bueno!

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