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What To Do With To Do Lists

And another day off. But that is good. I have gotten a certain momentum going both with my writing and getting things done around here. (Silly Stella has just fallen asleep with her back leg over her head. Ahhh puppies!) So today’s goals are some more work on the novel and to get the shelving unit cleaned off so that I can have a place for my plants over the winter. We are hoping to start using our kitchen nook again and that is where the big indoor plants are currently hanging out. I kept it cleared off for a while but it never got used so I converted it into my indoor plant place. But Chris is going to put in some more key stripping (bless the person that invented that! It makes things so much easier!) on the wall in the kitchen so I can still keep a few plants in there. I am also hoping to have one of my plants be able to stay in it’s hanger since it has done so well. I think it is like my spider plant and when it is happy it flowers. So far I have had two flowers and it has become so full and beautiful since I have had it hanging outside. (Last winter it stayed on the counter and it almost was dead by the time Spring rolled around. I didn’t even know it bloomed until a few weeks ago.)

By the time I was able to take the photos her leg had slid down to her snout. It was on top of her head. 😂

In my dreams last night I was starting to make a living from my photography. I enjoyed everything I was doing and seemingly clicking away through a vacation on an island. One thing though…. someone held my hand at one part of the dream. By that I mean someone in the waking world. You know how you can tell the difference between what is happening in a dream versus the waking world? (Or maybe that’s just me?) I remember being startled in my dream when the girl took my hand because it felt real. It felt like someone was actually holding my hand. I don’t know a better way to explain it. It was both wild and cool.

I think I have (mostly) figured out how to keep my newest fountain pen working. I think that there was a coating of some kind that needed to be worn off. It writes more consistently now. I do need to pull off the body every once in a while to squeeze the ink tube still. Just not as often. The lines are bolder as well. Oooo, I need to add the dvd on filling the reusable ink tubes for my other fountain pens to today’s to do list. I keep forgetting to do that. I have tried to do it the way the other pens have shown but no joy. I am hoping that this dvd will impart some little thing that I missed.

I look around and I am seeing other things that I need to accomplish. But I am purposely making myself only focus on a few things a day. I don’t want to make a huge list a. because I will get overwhelmed and b.) I will pick and choose and then a lot of stuff won’t get done so I will beat myself up over it. One of the other things I need to decide is whether or not the plants will go back out. It will be decent weather but I know I am going to have to haul the plants back in tonight. Is it worth it? I’m not sure. It will be sunny but as low as the sun has become it won’t be much direct sun for them. And it is taking a long time to warm up out there. So ????

The natives are getting restless. The girls want to play (it is not too bad outside) so I should probably start taking care of that to do list. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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