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Back To ???

Back to work today. This whole week will be confusing for me. I work all nights this week and am a manger for four out of five days. The bit that will throw me off is that I work tonight then have two days off. Thursday will be the stinker day as I have a doctor’s appointment at 9:20am then I close that night. But there it is. I need to sit and figure out bills on my day off. I have a meeting Tuesday night and then my schedule for the paper starts all over again. Which means that it will be October. 😮

It feels like a lazy day. I need to remember that I have to work today! It was awesome having the time off but now I have to remember to go back to work. Just in that short time it took me to write the above paragraph I had started to plan the rest of the afternoon. So I just set some alarms.

Yesterday when I pulled out my Nikon I decided to mess around some more with the macro lenses as well as some of the filters. I do have to say that I am a bit annoyed that the filters only fit my regular 55mm lens. Slowly I am getting more comfortable with my gear. I’ve had everything almost a year and 5 months. I look at Mom’s Cannon that she gave me and all the adjustments are on the actual lens. It feels like it is a better fine tuning than on my digital. But the flip side of that is that I can’t see anything right away. I have to develop the film to get the results.

There is still cleaning to be done around the house. Even though my father-in-law isn’t coming to live with us anymore it gave us the kick to get the house cleaned up the way we want it. So a lot of stuff is going upstairs in the garage. A lot more stuff is being thrown out. Which is a good thing. We are trying to knock things out in small chunks. I think the next thing we hope to tackle is the shelving unit in the kitchen. Then that will get moved so I can put plants on it over the winter. I also need to clean off the side counter since it is mostly my stuff that has ended up piled there.

Progress is being made on the novel (yay!). My goal is still a page a day. But I will take just working on it every day. That being said I need to get some work on it done before I need to get ready to go to work. Thanks for reading (and commenting!)! Stay safe!

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