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Tending Gardens Inside And Out

Good grief! We have blue jays both at the front and back of the house! I think I might need to invest in another feeder for the front of the house. I am honestly surprised at how busy the feeder has become. There are still leaves on the trees and the weather hasn’t been that bad. I did move my plants back in last night. I am debating about whether or not to put them out again. I hate moving them in and out every day but I don’t want them to freeze out there at night. My pepper plant is blooming again and my tomato plants are trying to.

I got a pleasant surprise when I went into work yesterday (we forgot sugar and beef broth the day before). One of my regular customers cornered me and we chatted for a few minutes. He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out three good sized painted stones. He tells me that I am one of his favorites and he doesn’t give these out to just anyone. And I was an artist so he wanted me to have one. Pick one quick! I had a hard choice. They were a beautifully done. In the end I chose a good sized flat rock. He had used both layers of the face of the rock (what is the difference between a rock and a stone? I need to look this up…). He laughed and said I picked the one that looked like food. And the smaller piece does resemble an artsy croissant but what I saw was a cocoon. I guess I would call this piece “Possibilities.”

What really struck me afterwards was that he called me an artist. I know I stopped and stared for a beat after he said it. I have never considered myself an artist. That seemed to stick with me through my day though. I was more conscious of what I was doing. I did get a 111 word story written (I need to pare it down to 100 words before I can send it in to the contest) and I am writing a page a day on my novel. I am hoping to keep this momentum going.

It is chilly this morning so that will help keep my focused on my writing. i won’t think about doing this or that in the gardens. I hope. I did plant some chamomile seeds in a small glass jar yesterday. I hope they grow! Looking at the clock I really need to get to my novel while all is quiet. Thanks for reading as well as your awesome comments and questions! Stay safe!

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