Final Doses

Here we are at 4:30am. I am looking at my day in 15 minute increments. Starting at 4am I had to start taking the prep again. One more dose and I can either go back to bed or sleep out here in the living room. I am hoping for go back to bed.

To tell you how stressed I am (not to mention hungry) I had my first real nightmare in a long time. And it was simple. I was in the dark and there was something in the dark that was going to get me. It was not seen but it was there none the less. Like a disease or not knowing the outcome. I felt bad because Stella was asleep on me with my arm around her like I did with Moose. I was that way in the dream as well but I was still scared. If it had been Moose I think I would have been calmer. Both girls have been keeping an eye on me. I had atleast one dog with me all day. Usually two but if I was alone it wasn’t for very long.

5 more minutes until my next dose. Essie was the one that got up with me. She has since gone back to bed but Stella has been my constant companion for the last two doses. She is behind me on the couch. She was snoozing beside me while I read your blogs. I am so very tired right now. I didn’t take most of my meds last night before bed because I knew that I wouldn’t get much sleep and the meds usually help me sleep among what they do for my back. And this sketchy sleep tonight will be much worse trying to wake from the medicine on top of everything else. The goal is to finish the last dose, let it do it’s thing and head back to bed for a few more hours. And if I do this now then not only will I have something to keep me awake so I can finish the prep but I can sleep a little longer before the procedure. The next alarm is set for 8am. That will give me time to feed the girls and get ready to go. Out the door by 8:30am should get me to the hospital on time.

Ok, that was the last dose. I will wrap this up and add a few photos. Thank you for all the caring comments you have all left. I appreciate it! And as always stay safe!

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