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One Day Closer

One day closer to my days off. Yesterday was a bit of a mess at work. I had no closing carry out so that meant I did the bottle machine when it filled up, propane tank exchanges, filling the various coolers….. I did have help with the closing stuff that I couldn’t do. One of the guys from the deli stayed after and did that for me. Four of our eight gas pumps went down. I had someone come out and fix them but an hour or so later two of the pumps went down again. Soooo I messaged the manager to let him know.

The wind has calmed down. When I opened the sliding glass door to let Essie out it was just out and out wind and strong. Now it’s more like a strong breeze and it isn’t constant like before. The girls have been cuddle bugs since I got home last night.

I have my to do list for this morning before work. There are only three things on it so I should be able to get everything done. I don’t have to be to work until 2pm so if I can get two of them done before Chris gets up I can get the major pain done once he get s up and hop in the shower. I am referring to cleaning the mouse cage. I have put it off too long. When you can notice it as soon as you walk in the door you need to clean it. I might try to sneak the snake cage in too. Calypso’s cage is pretty quick to clean out. I try to do them both the same day. No real reason why.

I am looking around the room at random stuff. Mostly my writing tools. I am frustrated by my fountain pens. I have new colored ink for some of them and it is like writing with colored water. I think I may need to leave a comment on their site. I prefer to write with my fountain pens but the ink is so light and thin that I will switch out pens after about half a page. I prefer my ink thick and bold. That way when I write with my fountain pens it shows up.

Ok. I need to wrap this up and start on my list. Thanks for reading. And thank you all for your comments! I enjoy chatting with everyone! Stay safe!

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